Always Time For Venice.

In complete fairness, yes, this post may be almost an entire year late, but as I have aptly pointed out in the title, it is always time for Venice. There is always time for Venice. I will always have time for Venice and it is always time to go to Venice in my heart. Also I couldn't just not put these photos up. Look at them. Look at my beautiful fake ass water city go. I could genuinely run an entire Venice fan blog if I let myself, and a lot of the time I do employ conscious effort to prevent this from becoming one, but for now I will allow it. These photos are all from the trip I took with Less last May (also ft. Milan and Florence), and as much as my soul tells me to put together a master post of my various jaunts through the years, I felt these deserved their own post before I write that behemoth of an ode.

I'll save my thesis on why Venice is a magical land existing separate from the constrains of conventional time and space for another day, and let these badboys do their own talking. However, does the first of the three photos above this not 100% look like it's straight out of the semi-gothic vaguely historical mermaid-fiction young adult series that I'm definitely going to end up writing? It's going to be a best-seller. Lots of unnecessary romantic subplots. Can't wait.

You may notice that all the photos from Murano, Burano and Piazza San Marco are missing, and that is because they're getting their OWN POSTS. YEAH BUDDY THAT'S RIGHT. PLENTY MORE VENICE TO COME. I have a problem. I own that. But I'm honestly more concerned about getting these photos out before I inevitably snap and impulsively book flights one day at work, and I don't need your judgment. Full disclosure I'm actually pretty impressed that I managed to get through the entire process of putting this post together without even looking at EasyJet once. Apparently I'm growing as a person. I also already looked at flights and Airbnb twice last week so I know what I'm dealing with p much off by heart but that's unimportant. Let's stick with personal growth.

As I said, saving my poetry for another day (dat Grand Canal sunset doe), so imma love u and leave u.
Enjoy. x0x0

Venice vlog here, also Milan & Florence.