London 2.0

I'm not usually one for the 'something exciting is happening but I can't tell you yet' song and dance, but it turns out that when the possibility of hopping hemispheres for a couple of months pops up out of nowhere there are quite a few details to iron out before you're ready to accept it's actually happening. However, those details are now (95%) sorted, so GUESS WHAT WE'RE GOING BACK TO LONDON BUDDDYYYYYYYYYY. Given my years of hopping back and forth we're probably at about 8 or 9.0 by now but that's not quite as snappy. Either way, I am so frickin amped.

To cut a boring and complicated story short, Will has snagged himself a two month advertising internship in Soho (with a bit of help from my very charming and well-connected Uncle Karl, big up Uncle Karl), and if you think I would let him hang out in London without me for two days let alone two months you are bloody dreaming. As an EU citizen I may come and go as I jolly well please, but Young William requires a visa, and that process has been the major factor in keeping me from open jubilation, but that's now looking promising and I have booked my flights and I am READY TO START MAKING LISTS OF THINGS TO DO AND PEOPLE TO SEE AND PHOTOS TO TAKE.

I'll be heading over late next week and staying until September, so I would like formally thank the universe for picking up on the 'I want to live in Australia but spend a few months a year in London' vibe I've been sending out since probably January. Ask and ye shall receive. Shout out to the Moon Cult for always delivering the goods in my hour of need. Alongside creating the content I did not have the capacity to pre-move and spending Qual Time w/ my various peeps, I'm also planning on using my time there to put some proper time and effort into Social Scheming, so there will be a lot of hanging out in cafes like the go-getting caffeine-addicted millennial I am. On that note (Perrie's high note in Secret Love Song pt. II by Little Mix if we're being specific based upon my current Spotify playlist. God I love Little Mix), if you've not yet checked out my new Social Scheming instagram, you probs should. It's great value and also aesthetically flawless s0o0o0o0o0o0ohoho.

That's it for now. I have many, many things to do in a very short space of time, but I'm so excited to be back in London without the suffocating burden of having to make an actual sustainable living. Lol. Really though. Can't wait for a Pret mac & cheese. And to see my friends. But mainly that macaroni tho. If there's any specific London-centric #content you'd like to see let me know, otherwise I shall be letting my heart guide me, as is my overall strategy in this kooky crazy life. Really though I need to start on my extensive To Do list and find my summer clothes and also my suitcase and both my relevant passports and make sure Will has all his shit together which is no small task so I will love u and leave u.
Very excited.
Many blessinz.