Social Scheming

The day literally every single one of you have been waiting, nay, longing sleeplessly for has finally arrived. MY WEBSITE IS DONE!
And you can find it here.

After moving countries yet again it dawned on me that I should probably also take my career on the road, so instead of going back to working full time in-house for one specific brand I decided to build my own little business. After all, I am very good at what I do, and more importantly what's the point of having a completely internet-based career if I have to go into an office to do it? No sir. Shan't be having that if I can help it. Innywho, I'd had the idea of self employment bouncing around in my precious little brain for a few months, in April I started making the website and about a week ago I had the final few mental dots connect that allowed me to finally tie things up. Amidst this, whilst having a textual exchange with NeonFiona following a meditation-induced breakthrough (I hate me too), I accidentally stumbled across the perfect name for my particular brand of marketing finesse, and thus Social Scheming was born. Your friendly neighbourhood online content concierge.

The dawn is barely breaking upon this fresh endeavour of mine, but I am very pleased with myself nonetheless. Shout out to Squarespace for facilitating the facade that I am really great at web design. Means a lot. I've also made a tiny baby Social Scheming instagram account which you can follow, fittingly, at @socialscheming, and this will be home to many tips, tricks and photos of my coffee over the coming months.

If you want to know more about what it is that I will actually be doing, have a stalk of the Services page, and if you or your friend/aunt/local cafe would like to pay me to sort out your/their/its online presence, be my absolute guest. Will and I are currently hard at work sorting out everything that needs to be done for July - which I will hopefully be able to actually tell you about soon - and having this up & running is a frabulously helpful piece of that puzzle to have finished. For now however, I bid thee adieu, and please do tell your aunties for me.