Hella Beige

Apparently I'm very into beige at the moment.
Every so often I become ridiculously obsessed with a colour to the point where I need it all up in and around every single aspect of my life. I spent 2011 buying every burgundy item of clothing in the greater New York area, 2012 was a mint explosion and today I've come to the realisation that at the moment...it's....beige. I don't know why, just beige. So much beige. Everywhere beige. 

The moment of realisation came for me when I was in the Apple store with dear Papa McG getting a new iPad (very delayed birthday present, my old one may or may not have met its end in a slurpee-related incident late last year) and when the time came to choose a case a dark force awakened inside of me.
"BEIGE," I said to father, "I WILL HAVE THE BEIGE ONE FOR MY OWN." And it was done.

Am I an adult now? Is that why? Will I get the urge to cut my hair off and get really into tribal patterns? Maybe I'm just going through a very transitional period in my life and the safety of a neutral shade is comforting. We may never know. But it is here and it is in my heart and it will soon be everywhere else too. I don't half-ass colour obsessions. I've worn that jumper two days in a row and have every intention of doing so again tomorrow.

The other highlight of my life is of course the return of the iPad. My heart is once more whole. I can read UK Glamour again without having to trek to the imported magazine store in the city and when I use it I feel like I'm running a business/in Spy Kids. I just need to maybe not get back into Hay Day because that was a bad time for all involved. I bought so many diamonds.

Uni is over now for the semester but the next few weeks are going to be ridiculous. I'm going to Europe in June and before then I have to finish all my assignments, pack up literally everything I own and be ready to move out. Also decide where I'm actually going to live. Keep forgetting that one. Probably shouldn't. Yolo.

Things I am enjoying that are not beige:
- AbFab
- Made In Chelsea
- Ben Brown's daily vlogs
- Sending the nail painting emoji to people when I don't care about what they're saying
- This hella fancypants water bottle I got that I will no doubt show you soon
- Bacon
- JBiebz Believe album
- The idea of exercising. Yet to progress to the actual act but working my way up.
- Light gray marble. I am very, very into light gray marble. Already found cases I want for my phone and laptop. I was thinking my tastes were maturing but then also I did find a lifesize cutout of Zayn that matches the couch I want from Ikea so idk guys.
- Reblogging pictures of brunch on tumblr
- Vanilla frappuccinos
- My 'Kanye Pants'
- Staying up really, really late for no reason and then hating my life the next day, apparently
- Navy. I can sense it.
- The secret project I've been working on with Sussy. Keep an eye out.


PS. Just realised that where I'm sitting while typing this is also very in keeping with the colour scheme. Beautiful.