Reorganisation and Reunions

Hello blog, I have missed you. Just as I was finally working out how to deal with what I already had going on, something else came up and took away ALL OF MY TIME DIDN'T IT. AIN'T THAT JUST THE WAY LIFE GOES. As we speak it is currently my only free day for at least the next week, and as such I've been trying to strike a balance between getting down to bidness and actually letting myself sleep. What's really happened is that I've done some laundry, ordered pad thai and am now catching up on UK Big Brother, but baby steps. I'm here now and that's what matters.

Friday night was my 5 year school reunion (technically only 4.5 but yolo) and it was weird, but in a good way. I'm still friends with most of the people I was in high school so I see them anyway, but even with the people I haven't seen since we were 17 or 18 it didn't feel like it'd been long at all. Like if I were to get up tomorrow and go into school and have everything be how it was I don't think I would feel that weird. Which, considering we graduated in 2010, is probably a bit concerning but we're not going to look into that. It was really comforting that everyone seems to be at pretty much the same point, doing well but in a way that's still mainly working towards what we actually want to do. I think when you're my age it can be easy to worry that everyone else has their lives sorted out completely and is already running around as a functional adult, and it's nice to know that even if everyone is going in different directions and doing their own things we're still all pretty much on the same page. Plus I got to see people who aren't in my normal friend group but that I was really close to in school because of classes we had together or doing plays/musicals/house events, and I just genuinely really enjoyed being around everybody again.

A lot of people that I've met in the last few years - especially though youtube - say they didn't like high school and they're glad that it's over, but I loved it, and I feel really lucky that running into people from school and talking about everything we're doing now is something exciting that makes me happy and feels like a comfort zone, rather than something I'd dread. Reunions in movies and on TV are always these massively bitchy, competitive events where people are trying to outdo each other and generally being really fake but at least from my perspective ours was about as opposite to that as you can get; everybody was just genuinely interested in how everyone else was doing and catching up. I can't quite figure out what I'm trying to articulate here, but basically I just really loved being around our year level as a proper group again and it just confirmed for me that running into them in the future, whether it's here or in London or at our 10 year reunion, is something that I'm actually looking forward to. You meet new people all the time throughout your life, but at the end of the day most of us only went through the ridiculousness of high school with one group of people, so it's nice for those people to be good ones. Plus they already know that I won house drama. And house music. And house public speaking. So I don't need to fill them in.

Thought we were getting a bit too sentimental so I saved the day with some trademark narcissism.

In terms of the rest of my life, things are just kind of chugging along at a steady pace in the right direction. Everything is going how I want it to at this point in terms of moving to London, and I'm really excited about a lot of things that I've got planned for the months before that happens. I think I mentioned on here a while ago that I was feeling weird and unsure about a few things, particularly what I wanted to do/how I wanted to act on youtube, and those clouds have cleared yall. I don't know what was going on with the moon during that weird little phase but I'm feeling very positive and refreshed now so as long as I manage to find a bit of free time now and then things on the productivity front should be back to normal.

I'm going to try and get a couple more posts ready to put up later this week, but that's all for now. I have a Hannah Maggs vlog to watch and more laundry to do so I shall love u and leave u. Over the next few days I'm going be thinking about future posts to write though, so if there's anything you'd want to see on here - whether it's my thoughts on a particular topic or specific recommendations or something I've done in the past that you'd like to see again - leave it in the comments here or tweet me (@madz0rs). Basically holler at me with whatever your heart wants and I'll see what I can do. x0