Resolutions Check-In

So far 2016 has definitely been a lot of a lot. If you’ve seen my January Patchwork Project you’ll know that the first month of this year was impossibly busy and emotionally draining, and while February had a bit of carried over stress it was mainly a month of aftershocks and me adjusting to all the change. Needless to say, it’s been a bit hard to keep track of my resolutions, but I’m still serious about staying on track and despite everything I can honestly say that this year has already been one of me finally internalising things that I’ve known in theory for a long time.

Since I'm gradually getting back to normal I felt this would be a good time to reintroduce myself to my own resolutions for the year and see how they're going. 
Spoiler alert: judging by my previous posts, obviously not great on the nutrition front. Yolo.

Maintain Perspective
This has been a tricky one. I think it’s pretty understandable that mentally and emotionally I haven’t been in my usual state, but I do think I have been getting better at keeping myself in check and noticing when I’m getting carried away with things. One to keep an eye on, but so far so good.

Write More
In February especially I made a conscious effort to try and keep myself inspired and just writing things down as often as I could. I have started a couple of bigger projects, but mainly I've just been putting more time into getting things going on a creative level, as well as looking into what I might want to incorporate into my career. I’ve also been forcing myself to write in my diary more, which I am generally very bad at, but I do have a lot of emotions with which to fill it at present so we're going okay.

Keep Exercising
This is one that I straight up just have not done. Not because I don’t want to, I very much do intend to get amongst the #gymlyf as soon as I can, but because at this point I just can not justify spending money on a gym membership instead of like…food. End of April is my deadline for sorting that out.

Put More Energy Into Music
This was a slow burner, especially in the weeks when we didn’t actually have a house yet, but there are finally some wheels a-turnin’ and I'm going through a period at the moment where I've been writing a lot of things I actually like, which is rare. I’ve also been working on trying to rehabilitate my voice after managing to destroy it in December. Reeeaaally was not in a good state. Apologies mainly to myself because u do not want to know how many scales I am having to do.

Have At Least One Screen-Free Day A Month
Didn’t do this in January but honestly that entire month is a write-off in my mind. Did one in February and it was surprisingly easy. I draw a lot of comfort from technology when I’m alone in the new house and it's kind of a reflex to pick up my phone as a distraction, but I actually had a really nice chilled out day. Read some books, went for a walk, used my meditation app, planned world domination. All that wholesome stuff.

Make Active Steps Toward A Career
I have been thinking about what I actually want to do and writing a lot of lists and starting to work on some portfolio-type things so yes, we’re on track with this one. Most notably in February I managed to fit everything I want to do into one coherent plan for the first time ever, so feeling positive.

Do One Big Thing That Scares Me Each Month
January I moved to the other side of the world and February I consciously forced myself to start being open and vulnerable with my feelings, which was terrifying at the start but now I feel like everything is a lot easier. We’re talking in a dating sense here. Always been open with my normal emotions. That was never an issue. I haven't decided what my March one is going to be yet but I'll keep you updated.

Finish What I Start
This is possibly the resolution that has stuck in my mind the most. Any time I’m about to shut a tab or give up on something because I can’t be bothered a little voice in my head goes “don’t be that bitch, finish what you start” and I do it. Really glad I’ve made this one and really glad I'm sticking to it.

Set Regular Goals & Stay Accountable
As I think we are all aware, I was in a pretty weird mental space up until a couple of weeks ago, but since I dealt with that I’ve been slowly reintroducing targets and to do lists. We'll keep an eye on it.

Make Time For Important Smaller Things
I'm gonna call this a success because since moving in I've been meditating again, and consciously taking time out to read. I don’t know how much of that is due to not having wifi at the house for most of February, but I’ll take it.

Do Not Base Decisions On Other People (Especially Boys)
This one is as relevant as always. Caught myself starting to do it about half way through February and SHUT. THAT. DOWN. Realised there’s a difference between being understanding and allowing an imbalance, which is definitely one of my key breakthroughs of 2016 thus far.

Finish At Least Half My 25 By 25 List
Currently on about six I think but we got time.

Sort Out My Diet
Not even the tiniest bit. If anything it’s been getting worse. Lma0.
Less does make sure I eat my greens whenever I stay with her though. Think she might be in cahoots with mum.

I feel like this is the point in the year when things may not be in full swing but you can pretty much tell if you're going to stick to your resolutions or not, so holler at me if you've been keeping up with yours. Or if they've come crashing down in flames. Either way.