The March Edit

As part of my new editorial identity I thought it would only be fitting to curate a collection of my #randomfavez from each month and present them in a way that makes most sense to me. As you can see, apparently The High Low demanded the most real estate this time around, although I must emphasise that I am still at this very moment listening to the Beauty & the Beast soundtrack so space does not necessarily equal importance. I did hope to have a few more normal posts up before this one, but for now my interview with Marissa Hermer and profile on Eric Polito for work will have to do. I am literally soy sorry. But we'll all live.

Enjoy this beautiful glimpse into my brain over the month of March.

Already linked Marissa above but can't let the graphic become a lie so here it is again.
While we're linking, here's PanDolly and The High Low.
Full disclosure I've also been watching Riegn but it didn't fit, also if u have any podcast recs please hit me up.
 Love u like a sista. x0x0