She Lives.

Bonjour, fellows! The first post back is always the hardest, so I thought I’d rip this jolly bandaid right off with the jawdropping announcement that I am, in fact, alive. No longer in the northern hemisphere or gainfully employed, but kickin’, breathin’, watchin’ multiple consecutive seasons of Say Yes To The Dress… all things bright and beautiful, tick tick tick.

Since last we spoke I have taken the metaphorical plunge (and literal if you think of south as down, despite the earth being spherical and suspended in a directionless space void) and moved back to Melbourne. It has been rawther a shock to the system, but I’m with Will and the watermelon is plentiful so at the very least all my W-based needs are fulfilled.

You will soon have a proper post cascading with raw, poetic emotion and Chaucer-esque recounts of the last six months in my blessed life, but for now I simply wanted to pop in and say good morrow. Leave you wanting more. Like when you’re in a boring subject at school and a fun teacher from another subject pops their head in the door and says hey and then disappears again and you’re like “no come back” but it’s too late you’re back to learning about minerals with that one teacher who isn’t outright creepy but definitely would look out of place in a civilian setting like the supermarket. I am the fun teacher, the minerals are your worldly obligations and the weird teacher is everyone other than me.

It’s midnight right now and Will is talking very loudly to some kid in Georgia ("the country, not the state") about the fun, fun video game they’re playing so I can not even decipher my own stream of consciousness, but I trust you. I trust you get it.

Anon, I am going to go read a book in bed with a calming mug of jasmine tea the size of my head and wait for William to finish shooting down enemy planes and chuckling to himself, but I will be back A$AP Rocky with some actual intelligible prose. Spoiler alert, I turned 25. 
Spoiler number two, you bet your sweet bippy I had a breakdown about it.

That endless party and more, next time on MADDI.