The Eagle Has Landed

Patricia is here. Well not right now, he's currently out on a walk and I'm in my room listening to the A*Teens cos shit don't change just because there's a man around amirite ladiez, but he has arrived in the land down undah and it has been quite pleasant thus far. OSHIT I HAVE JUST REALISED HAMISH AND ANDY ARE ON BRB RELOC8IN. Pstrattz is gonna be piiiissed he's missing this. Innywhoozle, uni technically starts today but I don't have class til Wednesday so I'm pretty much like the last man standing Harriet Tubman of summer holidays refusing to give in to the oppressive forces of tertiary education. Quite pleased with myself. So I feel like I'm allowed to hang out wid ma wang out, listen to some Hamish and Andy and possibly grab meself a Weiss bar in a sec should I feel the need. I hate mangos but I really like the mango and coconut Weiss bars which is pretty krazinuts amirite. Also I'm going to dinner and a movie wid Gaybriel tonight while Patrick does his own thang which will be nice cos I haven't been to the movies since yesterday when we went to see Tangled with Sara. That was mighty pleasant.

Innywhoozle, I have been pondering the youtubez lately and it's giving me a somewhat uneasy feeling because I haven't uploaded anything in like a month and I still haven't edited the video I made with Sammy and I feel like I am failing slightly at internet life.

Speaking of failing at internet life, I wrote that like three days ago. Holla for consistency. Patrick's almost home from his bar course (he got full marks today so we are rawther proud of him) so imma have to do this relatively quickly but I wanted to check in because I've started uni again and that sux, but we also had a nice day yesterday. Also I've made a list of videos to make so I'm feeling slightly less faily on that front. But yis. On Monday Gabby and I saw 'I Give It A Year', which was quite an enjoyable film. I'm really confused as to wtf they did to Anna Farris's mouth because it looked really messed up but apart from that and a few of those moments that are just an enormous cringe that some people can deal with but I can't it was good. Yesterday we met up with AD and explored the city because Patrick and I hadn't been in much so he hadn't really seen it. We saw some sikk graffiti and wandered which is just my favourite thing because I love walking so much, especially when it's 34 degrees, then went to the rooftop bar for dranks because people be needing sustenance in this kind of hekkerz, unseasonably but not actually unseasonably because it's march hot lyf. I quite like it there. Tis rawther indie but the bevans are nice and it's on a roof so obviously you feel super avant-garde and smug wit yo self.

After spending many moons there we departed because AD has a life to live and Patrick had his bar course and I needed to go home and eat my sushi and watch The Only Way Is Essex. So we all did that. And then Louisiana and Sara came over and we went to see Ed Sheeran again. He was incredible, despite the fact that it was still 34 degrees inside the freaking venue and I was dying sitting down so he was probably just praying for salvation and a swift end but yis, he was excellent. I love seeing him live. He's just so. Freaking. Good. But there were a lot more preteens than last time and the venue was bigger so the atmosphere - ambiance, if you will - wasn't as amazing but wa'eva, when you go to see someone who's friends with Harry Styles one must expect the swarms to follow. I'm glad we went, and I'm super fucking glad we went last time because I don't really see him playing any shows that small again any time soon so holla for good timing. Patrick just came in and got mad at me because I won't let him wear shorts. Lolololol. Oh btw it's the next day again. I'm not very good at finishing these. And I probs won't finish this now either because we're going out to meet people for lunch and then I have uni but we shall see. We shall see.

As I believe I previously mentioned, I started uni again yesterday and I h8 my lyf because I don't want to have to do anything ever and there was no air conditioning in the classroom (I do not understand why because it's not like they don't have money, we have all seen the budget son, fang some AC in there) and I was just sitting there crying quietly and now the shorts saga has unfolded so imma go but basically before all dis went down I was quite pleased that Patrick was here because I like living with him and I like having him here and I'm really excited for lunch but I'm really hungry now so I'm having a dilemma as to whether I should eat something now or not idk we'll see ok bye xoxo