The Last Few Months - January and February

I've been meaning to do this for over a month now, but March for me has pretty much consisted of trying not to die in the heat that for whatever reason is still upon us, wondering how such a well ranked and financially stable university does not have air conditioning in 3 out of my 4 classrooms, coming to terms with the fact that I actually do have to hand things in and do them properly this year and watching many episodes of many tv shows on the couch with Patrick and a large quantity of fizzers, so I have been quite distracted. That is also why this will focus on January and February and not March. March has been nothing. Well, March has been a lot of bonding with P.Strattz, going to lunch and dinner with my friends and thanking the lawd baby jesus christ for swimming pools but dat aint so momentous or interesting so onward shall we tread.


January was a very, very full month. It started off both extremely well and quite unfortunately. New years for me was a lot of sitting around and having chatz and drinking many things (trying to keep other people at a tolerable level of sobriety resulted in me having more than my fair share of jagerbombs), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. At some point when things were winding down I decided I wanted to go to bed so I grabbed Patricia and we went up to the guest room which very conveniently no one else realised was there, so we had it all to ourselves while the majority of bitchez were trying to share couches and beds and floors. Suckaaaaaz. Woke up the next morning feeling, as we in the medical profession call it, sick as fuck. As a nicely seasoned alcoholic (jk mum) I pride myself on the fact that I can count the amount of times I've had any kind of physical repurcussions from drinking on one hand, and this was no exception, but I did find myself feeling super super sick for all of January 1st and part of the 2nd. Which happens to be my birthday. I'm 20 now. Good hustle.

Innywhoozle, after the woozy socialisation and homeward bound-ing of the 1st and the birthday oshiti'm20thatsdisgusting-ness of the 2nd, we spent a few days doing proper serious video shoots with Ray and some other fun people such as Myleo at the googles. I have a massive headache right now. 
After that, since we'd been social little darlings nonstop since I arrived in the country, we decided to take a few days to just chill and hang out togethz, during which time we booked flights and hotels to go to Italy later in the month and actually filmed some youtoobz. Rare. One night we also went on an epic journey to go see Teoh (click on this and go watch his new video) put on an amazing gig. Half way through the month we popped off to Berlin for a week (entire post about that here) with my friend Tash who was on her way to Denmark, where she's doing a semester of uni, and it was so freaking cold. I forgot what it felt like to really be cold. Australia will do that to a person and mid-January in northern Germany will knock the feeling right back into you. Yes it will. I still remember walking from the safe haven that is Starbucks to the Reichstag and praying for salvation. Also one should not play with snow when one's mittens are made of wool.

Berlin is around the time I started this blog, so most major things are already on here but I still like having a convenient little summary so soldier on. Also I started writing this like a week ago. Consistency. Germany was the first time Patrick and I had gone away together, and was also the first time he'd spent an extended period of time with one of my friends from skewl - both of which could have gone very badly but did not.

After Germz we flew back to London and had about ten days to see people and do things before toddling off to Italy. It was snowing when we landed and I was super excited because I grew up in Boston so I've obviously lived with snow, but I've been in Melbourne for ten years and apart from once when I was living in New York and one time on Mt Vesuvius (srzli tho) this was the first time I'd seen legitimate snow since 2003. Not counting in Germany like a day earlier. But I forgot about that until I looked up and saw that picture right there. Regardless. I was pumped. England is bad at handling snow (why) and everyone was freaking out, but we got in a taxi and drove home and it was ever so pleasant to look at. It kept snowing for the next few days and it was just so so pretty and grand because we didn't have to go anywhere, and the times we did go places were like excursions to the shops to go buy heaps of food and bevans so those were just cute picturesque adventures. S0oo0o0o0o0ooo I enjoyed the snow. Moral of the story.

After a few days of eating copious snacks and watching Community in bed we decided we should probably leave the house so we went and made social calls to Spriggzy, with whom we got drunk in the Houses of Parliament, and George. It's a bit more of a trek to go see George because he lives in the middle of nowhere with the cows and sheep and the only candy they have is after dinner mints. Oh PS the day between Spriggzy and George we got our bear family but all that is already on this blog anyway.  I made some muffins with Patricia's little sister and then I ate them all and then we went to Italy. Rome was our last activity of January and there are posts on that here and here.


The very start of February we were still in Venice and as soon as we came home P.Strattz and I spent a rare day apart (tnk gawd cos I dun rli like dat guy tbph) and off I skipped to Canterbury to visit my old chum Sammy. I was very proud of myself for navigating my own way there on the train, sitting there all smug with my double espresso shot cappuccino. We had a grand time and I made it all the way back on my own without getting abducted so claps all around. Continuing on my royal tour of internet palz, the next day we went into London and had lunch with James in Knightsbridge. I love Jams. On the 4th we went to the aquarium and it was awesome because it was an aquarium but it wasn't the best. I have high expectations for my aquatic experiences. I loaded maself onto a plane on the 6th, all sad n whatnot with my new build a bear and a bunch of baked Walker's "crisps" (holla for how good those things are) and arrived back in the mothercountry on the 8th. I gave myself two days to sleep and then spent the rest of the month doing social things such as seeing Aladdin with Sara and watching the Grammys with Ruby and counting down the days til Patrick's arrival. I mean going to 21sts. All of that is probably on here somewhere too.

There's an upside to going away for so long, which is that when you have to leave it sucks because you're leaving but it's also semi exciting to go home and be in your own space and see everyone. Summer is also nice. Well not anymore because it's half way through April now and the ridiculous heat continued way into the uni term which was the worst thing ever and stopped just in time for holidays but wa'eva wa'eva I've finally finished this freaking post and so now I will take my day of rest. January was a very busy month. February was weird but pleasant. A dolla makes me holla honey boo boo child.