The Countdown Begins

I leave for England in 13 days and I am so. Excited. Hurry up pls.

So my sleep pattern is well and truly fucked, on account of I stayed up all night the other day to fix it, and I did this successfully, but then last night I was like ehhh and stayed up til 5am and then woke up at 3 so now I'm basically like I'm going to be in another timezone soon anyway so wa'eva. Just live ya life, sleep when ya body wants it. But when I get home I am going to try and fashion some kind of acceptable waking routine because I feel like I'm old enough for that to be happening by now. Or not. Give it the old college try.

Howevz speaking of giving things the old college try, that is probs not the best expression for me to use since I don't give any kind of try to my university work, as evidenced by the fact that I have still not started any of my assignments. I could be done by now, but instead I have been marathoning Doctor Who (FYI currently starting season 4, Silence in the Library) and playing a shitload of sims 2. I refuse to play sims 3 because I can't multitask and also all the people are so ugly, and I don't want ugly sims. Literally could not think of anything worse. My sims are always bangin. Sometimes when I make two sims have a kid and the kid is like really, really attractive I get a bit emotional because it's just like wow you are so welcome.

Back to the real world, I have now booked my flights both for this trip and my one at the end of December, and I am pumpity pumped. Also booked ma train up to Leeds, which was slightly less of a thrill but nonetheless solidified in my mind the fact that I'm actually going which is a double holla if there ever was one. 

I'm in the process of trying to clean my bedroom which is the biggest trek known to man, literally so far I have piles of folded clothes all over my middle room, four and a half garbage bags of clothes I don't want anymore and my floordrobe is still alive and kickin. I just like...I want for it to be done without me having to do it. That would be so pleasant. And I have to do it before I can pack which is just making me cranky (ps is the word cranky not hilarious when you think about it because I find it really humorous) because I want to START PACKING NOW.

Melbourne is being Melbourne and going from sunny and warm to gale force winds and torrential rain, which tbph hasn't affected me seeing as I have been sitting in my room watching Doctor Who like a proper hermit, but regardless of this watermelon is now in season, about which I am well pleased. I would like for it to go back to winter though, because I've had far more traumatic moth encounters than I would care to relive lately, and also ceebs dressing for warm weather when I actually do have to leave my house. Like tomorrow. I have to leave my house tomorrow. This has just occurred to me.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have decided that I'm going to do daily vlogs every day in November on my second channel, which will be an interesting new experience. Seeing as I'm really shit at any kind of commitment or schedule, I am intrigued as to how it will pan out. You may also have noticed, due to the fact that I have already returned, that I'm trying to fang a couple blogs a week up here because I like this and it's productive and Patrick thinks I need to actually do shit with my life, so that is a thing to look forward to with all of your heart and soul.

I have heaps to say but it's all about TV shows, specifically The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea, both of which I am far too emotionally invested in. Like actually the auctions at the end of the last episode of TOWIE with Ferne and Charlie and Sam and Joey I was like OSHOOOT out loud multiple times. This is going downhill very quickly so imma cut it off here, but I will say that the photo above was taken just as Calvin and I began the fight we are now in due to him refusing to come down the stairs and say hey to me so I was like wooooowww fuck you man and he was like gtfo I don't care and I was like fine and he was like fine so yeah, tension in the air. Rumours all around.

I'm going to go make some tea and watch more tv and play some candy crush and mentally prepare myself for the things I have to do tomorrow which involve none of the above. It's a brave new world out there. Keep me in your prayerz.