Since the last post I have done some turning 21, a bit of flying home and a lot of late christmas shopping. I got back on Sunday morning and spent the day rearranging my room and trying to stay awake, then yesterday I went out and did all of my christmas shopping in one go. 'Twas quite the workout getting everything home but now it's all wrapped and ready to go for late christmas #1 at mum's house tonight, and #2 here tomorrow. So keen. Buying and wrapping presents is so satisfying.

After my shopping extravaganza I went and saw Frozen for the 3rd time with Alessia, and then we met Ruby for dinner. Turns out Ruby hasn't seen Frozen yet, so back we go for round four today. Not complaining. Genuinely already counting down the days until it's out on DVD. I'm on a bit of a cleaning/tidying/organising bender at the moment because I've apparently decided that 21 year olds can't have messy bedrooms and also that I'm 100% bored with everything in my middle room, so more pictures to come of that, but for now I must go and get dressed for my jaunt to the cinema.

Good day.