GRAND SCHEME: June Update & July Goals

Bonjour! Another month has drawn to a close, and I am now exactly half way through being 25. Thank god. I am ready to leave this cursed, geriatric number behind me and push forth into the oasis of youth that is 26. But that is still months away yet, and we are here to talk about the month that was, and the one that lies before us. A vast expanse of possibility and new horizons to explore. I don't want the June portion to go on for too long because quite frankly I'm very much in a July mindset now, so I'll stick to five key points. Leggo.


1. You may have seen that Will and I are heading over to London this week and staying until September, so a lot of June was spent organising all the details and admin for that. Not particularly interesting to fill you in on, but a LOT to do.

2. I finally launched my business website and instagram! I'll be putting a lot more time and energy into that once I'm over in London, which I'm looking forward to. I'm happy not to have to go into an office job, but I definitely miss working, so hopefully I'll create something interesting.

3. I've also made huge progress with finishing the songs I decided to put time into when I organised my lyrics in May, and have been keeping track of each stage of that via a spreadsheet. This has been a big month for spreadsheets actually. I have one master document with spreadsheets for my personal and business instagram, blog and youtube content and all the songs I'm working on. I also created a new document this month, which was quite exciting because it's full of spreadsheets to keep track of my novel.

4. Yes friends, I have finally gotten my shit together and created a detailed plotline to start working on. And when I say detailed I mean borderline excessive. My novel document consists of five separate spreadsheets - one tracking basic plot, one of the overall structural breakdown to make sure I'm hitting all the necessary marks, an even more detailed scene by scene breakdown, a chart of every single character and their details and a monthly timeline of exactly when every major event happens. I love writing. I love spreadsheets. I'm very excited.

5. Productivity aside, I've been paying more attention to my diet this month, because I had intended to go to the gym regularly but I don't really like the gym I joined so I haven't felt like prioritising that above the rest of the things I need to do day to day. As a result I am still going to be looking VERY much like I have just emerged from winter's depths when I arrive in London, but that's a reality I've accepted and I'm planning to do a lot of walking once I'm there to sort things out. Speaking of London, here are my goals for July!


SEO optimise website
Create a marketing strategy
Get Facebook page up & running
Reach out to new clients
Plan on-site blog content
Create the supplementary content for my packages

Take photos consistently
Write 10,000+ words of the novel
Create and keep a travel journal
Plan & create London-based content
Submit writing for publication
Plan new Youtube videos
Make a strong start on Phase Two of my goal strategy

Walk as much as possible
Go to the theatre
Go to a museum a week
Catch up with everybody
Work outside of home most days
Invest emotionally in my own future
Approach my creative output from a new perspective
Stay on top of my astrological gameplan

There are a few more personal goals I'm working towards, but that's pretty much the gist. It seems like a lot, but it really boils down to just staying on top of my work & projects and making the most of being in London. Overall I felt as though June was a very smooth and consistent month in terms of productivity, and I crossed off a lot of things that have been on my To Do list for a long time, so hopefully I can keep that momentum (and organisation) going through July. One thing I've learnt is that putting time each month into making very detailed lists of short and long-term goals saves a LOT of time day to day. My next post should be all about goal setting, and after that I will talk to you once I am in LONDON!
Many blessinz.