Italy With My Boiz

So as we are all probably aware, the last two weeks of my time in Europe were spent in Italy and Ireland with my friends George, Jake and Dan and it was so freaking great. I daily vlogged the whole thing, which you can find here, and so much happened beyond what's in those videos that I genuinely am not even going to try and begin going through it because it'll just make me sad. I've been home for two months and I'm still solidly in mourning and ready to go back asap. To Italy or to the boiz, either way. The best way I can see to get this all out and done so that I can move back into a regular blogging mindset is to just chuck a bunch of pictures at you and shove some captions on there when the need strikes me, so that is what we are going to do. Leggo.

Myself, Dan and George luvin lyf on our first full day in Rome, at Biblio Bar. Classic Biblio Bar. You will never see the end of it.

A really oddly coloured picture of the krew being respectful at the Vatican. 

My tiny boo 

Jake and I had a lovely time finding pokemon and mythical creatures in the clouds at Villa Borghese while George and Dan were on segways. No segways for Princess Jake as he had a sore tummy. 

Throwing some regal shapes in the forum 

The day we went to the forum there was a massive thunderstorm and it was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Several of my favourite moments of the trip involved potentially disastrous weather, come to think of it. But it was so fucking baller, just sitting on a ledge up against an ancient temple watching the peasants scuttle around trying to get dry. Thunder and lighting amongst the ruins. My favourite things combine. 

420 Praise It 

Lads on tour 

Why yes I am quite artistic thank you so much for noticing 


Casual evening chillin' near the canal 

Bridge of Sighs more like Bridge of Guys amirite ladies I don't know what I'm getting at here 


More prettay. Grand Canal. Holler. 

We spent one of our days in Venice going around the Islands and while it was hella stressful for me trying to make sure we all got on the right boats and didn't end up on the cemetery island or half way to Greece, it was an excellent day. Felt very smug showing my boiz around Murano and Burano, even though by the time we got to Burano we were a bit tired and hungry and ready to navigate our way back home, so we gave Torcello a miss. My apologies to Atilla's throne. I will be back. 

This is one of my favourite photos despite the fact that it looks pretty derelict, because I remember how I felt when I took it so clearly and it was really nice, like we were all exhausted from exploring and about to get on the vaporetto home. On the way back to Venice here was an enormous thunder storm with rain absolutely bucketing down, and while most people were sensible and stayed dry inside the cabins, Jake and I decided to become Storm Patrol: Lagoon Edition and went out onto the deck and holy shit it was amazing. Got soaked and freezing but that remains one of the coolest things I have ever done/seen in my life.

The view from S. Marco vaporetto stop on our first night, Venice turned right up. 

I remember standing on the edge of the water just outside Piazza San Marco taking these photos with Jake just straight up awestruck at how incredible it looked. It was one of the prettiest nights probably ever and oh man this isn't even half of it. This was such a great trip u guys.

Venice r u ready 2 rock 




This is just making me sad now 

Get a load of these jokers 


On our last day in Venice we walked from Cannaregio to the Rialto and it was so nice and so pretty and we went to this random exhibition for like two hours and we had really nice lunch and coffee and oh man that was such a good day just wandering and being cute and GUYS WHY AM I SITTING ON MY COUCH IN MY PYJAMAS RIGHT NOW WHEN THIS IS A THING THAT IS POSSIBLE IN LIFE WHY AM I WATCHING DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S FROZEN PLANET INSTEAD OF STROLLING AROUND VENICE NAH I'M OK WITH WATCHING THIS TBH BUT I ALSO REALLY MISS ITALY AND THE BOYS 

Started from the bottom now we here 

Looks like a fuckin painting 

 Baes in Paris

And now I have just made myself feel restless and sad. Thank you so much. Also! You may remember in this post from January, when I was feeling equally as restless, I mentioned that I have photos on the same lion from five different points in my life (even though I can't find the one from when I was youngest but yolo). Got a sixth one. Holler dollar bills.

So that is all from me on the Italy front for now, although I could ramble for hours about our adventures and how happy I was and how we had enormous pizzas all to ourselves, but tbh I would never stop and it would get really graphic and detailed and no one would actually care that much so maybe next time I go on adventures I won't wait two months to post about them. Idk guys. I just dk. One more post about the boiz and then back to bidness. xoxo