My Vision Board

As you may know if you've seen this video or follow me on twitter, my flatmate Fiona and I are very into vision boards. It all began one fateful night when we were watching Happy Endings (A++ fantastic show btw) and Penny whose life is very sad made a vision board. Being impulsive and borderline unhinged, this was all it took for us to get printing and gluing and before you could say "please calm down" our masterpieces were complete. That was about a month ago, and the other night as I dismantled mine to construct a new one - I felt I had changed as a person and outgrown my old one - a beautiful thought descended unto me. "I should show the people."

Now actually full on showing you my vision board is never going to happen. My old one was verboten because it was creepy as fuck, and this one is slightly better but is still a part of my soul. However, I am super chill with showing you a few of the individual pictures that I've smacked up there, and that is just what we are doing today.

It isnt a vision board in the traditional sense, in that it doesn't consist solely of straight up pictures of things I want, but it's more of a collection of photos that motivate me to do or think of specific things when I look at them. I am such a visually triggered/motivated person it's not even okay so this has actually been working very, very well thus far. Like I'm actually writing a blog post right now. So there ya go! (Ps. I also just put up a new post over on A Version of the Truth plug plug plug)

This is my favourite picture. Legitimately I could make a vision board where this is the only thing on there and still be fine because this makes me think of about twenty different things that I want to do/have/be and the first time I saw it I literally had to go off and write a page and a half of stream of consciousness because it exploded something in my brain. Now we are seeing what I mean about being a visually motivated person.

I'm not generally a motivational quotes kind of person but when it comes to vision boards I'm all about it. This particularly taps into the fact that I really like the idea of smashing out a week's worth of blog posts/videos/uni work in one day and then being sorted and not having to worry about it. I have yet to perfect this art, but it's the thought that counts.

As Sussy commented on one of my recent insty photos, sneaky flights are officially my thing. I'm always planning my next trip and pretty much every travel decision I've made this year has been completely impulsive. Despite the fact that I've recently developed a horrendously inconvenient fear of flying, the idea of just packing a bag and leaving is something that I find really comforting and exciting. This makes me want to do the things that I may not particularly want to do (see: tedious work) in order to make sure that I can just pack up and bail when I really want to. It also makes me think of being able to see all the people that I miss v much right now. Shiz dayum this picture makes me happy.

I love rain. So much. It's when I feel most creative and productive, and this photo in particular reminds me of some really important/nice memories I have, and makes me think of things that I want to have or do in the future, which motivates me to get off my ass and actually work towards them. And it just makes me feel really centred and focused when I look at it. Side note the rain doesn't hit the window in my room properly in this apartment and it drives me frickin crazy.

Two more motivational quotes #justgirlythings. I do somewhat question whether either of these people actually said these things, but it's irrelevant because the one on the left taps into my Stomping Around Listening To Rolling In The Deep side and makes me feel like I'm about to unleash some kind of fantastic dragon rage on the world, and the one on the right helps me get my creative writing assignments done so I do not curr.

This makes me want to clean. I don't know why, but it makes me want to get everything in the entire apartment fucking immaculate. Maybe because I refuse to have my friends over unless things are sorted. And one can not have a dinner party if one's living room is a state. This also makes me feel slightly better about being an adult now.

This is Christmas. This photo is the essence of Christmas in my heart. I fucking love snow and look at how god damn peaceful that street looks. I bet there are people in a well styled living room watching Love Actually near a fireplace and wearing really nice socks. I don't actually know specifically what about this photo makes me feel motivated but it sure as H E double hockey sticks do.

London. That is all that needs to be said.
Also rain.
This reminds me of the best days.

London in the motherfucking snow. Sometimes Fiona and I just sit and show each other pictures of England in the snow and make ourselves really depressed. It's a crazy life we lead here at Casa Di Faddi.

I fucking love crafts, and I love being organised and saving memories. I have a 365 book where I did a page every day for a year, and this reminds me of that and also all the other projects I want to do once I've got my life in order. That's not an "oh one day..." sense of getting my life in order, I know for a fact that within the next month or so I will decide that my life is in order enough to start a new project. Like how yesterday my room was finally clean and organised enough to light a new candle. I have a problem.

This is the laptop case of a person with their life together. And look at that interior. I want that interior. But with a slightly different throw blanket. I also do specifically want that laptop case and also the matching iphone case because I'm really obsessed with light grey marble right now, and this ties together nicely with everything else to make me want to get my shit together and embrace being a grown up. Because children do not appreciate marble. They simply don't.

This is necessary considering I will, in just over a month, have a degree in creative writing and I do tend to find myself in ruts/procrastinating/generally just not knowing where to start. When I actually read through it every second or third one makes me think 'no, shut up' but I am discovering that you need to learn to embrace pretentious bullshit if you want to get any kind of solid creative advice. But seriously "count your blessings"? No. Stop that. No. And don't get me started on what they did to the formatting of number 24. I understand what they were going for but it still bothers me. Still on the vision board though. Because occasionally it will remind me to do one of these things and actually get some writing done.
Also what the fuck does "be otherworldly" even mean.

Do I even need to elaborate. This is so satisfying.

And that is it for now. There are obviously a lot more things on my actual vision board, including a secret flappy bit where the creepiness is hidden and a list of goals n such, but tbh if I showed you my actual board it would be like showing you the inside of my brain and I don't think we're ready for it yet. I do use my tumblr in a similar way though, in that I just reblog things that I really frickin enjoy looking at, so you can find that here.

Thasall 4 today, see ya on the flip. xo