So Much Content

Hello chummies, it has been a little while. When I wrote my last post I was struggling through my assignments (all handed in, one more due next week woo), but despite that I was in a really good mood and I was super excited to do a proper post after I was all done. Unfortunatelayy, ye olde anxiety (only it's not actually ye olde, it is in fact very ye newe) decided to pull a cheeky one for a couple of days so I wasn't really in the mood to write anything. I really dislike mentioning that stuff on here or on social media in general, not because I don't want people to know but just because it's something that I still don't understand and I also don't really think it's particularly interesting or something people need to hear about, but truthfully it's something that at the moment is taking up a lot of my time. I'm still trying to figure everything out and work out how to deal with/get rid of it so yes, it's probably going to be hanging around for a little while longer and popping up on here from time to time.

HOWEVER, as you may have gathered from the fact that I'm actually writing this right now, I'm in quite a good mood at this current moment - the best kind, actually, where I was feeling super shitty like half an hour ago and managed to drag myself out of it and now I'm quite proud and feeling pleased and calm. Only not super calm. The reason I'm even awake right now is that I'm too frickin pumped to sleep because I'm GOING TO THE AIRPORT IN LIKE 10 HOURS TO GO AND SEE PATRICK HOLLER HOLLER CASH MONEY HEROES CAN I GET A WUT WUT YEP

So yes. That is the major thing. My flight is tomorrow and I genuinely can not wait to see Patrick, on the outside I'm chillin on my bed watching Once Upon A Time in some pajamas with a fro, but internally I am flipping my shit left right and centre. Straight up. So excited. And because I've been feeling so ew the last couple of days I'm only fully realising it now and it is making the whole calm yoself and go to sleep thing difficult. So here I am. Also PS even though I'm not feeling anxious my brain still isn't processing at 100%, which combined with my excitement pretty much ensures this is going to be one rambly, rambly motherflipper of a blog.

I have rediscovered the majesty of watermelon-based smoothies. They are a thing of which I am very fond. Legit, if you use watermelon as your base you don't need any other liquids because that bad boy has water in its name for a reason. Fang some strawberries, kiwi and maybe blueberries if ya feelin fancy and they're not like $7 a punnet in there and you're rip roarin' and ready to go. Hands up if we've picked up on the fact that feeling normal now makes me ridiculously happy yet.

I get so taken off guard when people on Once Upon A Time are Australian. There are so many of them. And only like two or three are off Neighbours. Where did they find the rest? Also I miss Graham. He was so pretty. And now he's in 50 Shades of Grey and I'm really upset because I want to see him but I don't want to see that and it's just really difficult ok guys.

After I handed in my assignments I went on a little shopping trip that I'm pretty sure was just meant to be me walking down Bourke Street to get a different tram but ended up as me buying a bunch of candles under the umbrella excuse that the descriptions were all like 'this will make you well calm' and 'if you have recently acquired anxiety you need to buy this and also that other set over there.' I mean if it's for my mental health it would be irresponsible not to. Still not sold on the whole reed diffuser fandango but it looks pretty on ma desk so we'll let it slide. Also I have just realised that that picture up there makes it look like I have a really neat and well organised girly room, but one must remember not to judge completely based on the limited glimpses internet people give you of their lives. Like if I look super shit one day I'm probs not going to film a video, and this is but one corner of the room, missing such important features as my shark encyclopaedia. That's probably not the best example, I would happily show you my shark encyclopaedia. What I would not show you is the large pile of random crap on the floor from when I started to reorganise a shelf and got bored half way through. There we go.

Also my bedroom. My entire bedroom is a floordrobe. This is why I film in my middle room. Also that's where the giant window lives. The internet is full of lies and deception. Rumours all around. It does look pretty though. Gotta have pretty corners if you wanna blog, man.

I've just realised I have literally no idea what is happening on this show right now, I don't even have the tab open. But here's a picture of what I had for breakfast the other day! It was well tasty. Big fan of avocado. 10/10 would recommend, PS that is toast not normal bread, the only real fight I have ever had with my best friend Sara was over this one time I had avocado by itself in a bread roll because there was nothing else available that I wanted to put in there, and she said it was weird and I was like no it would be weird if it was normal bread, this is a roll, and she was like no that's not okay, but it definitely was like if there had been cheese and/or suitable poultry available I would have put it in there but there wasn't so I couldn't so I just had avocado. So now I feel like I need to clarify that THAT IS TOAST SARA. SO IT'S OK.

Sometimes I will write posts that will be clear, concise and engaging, but this is clearly not one of those.

Earlier when I was doing my fake tan I ran out of St Tropez mousse so I had to do one of my arms with the spray instead and now I'm really intrigued as to how it will turn out. A gutsy experiment for the ages, to be sure. At this point I think we both know that there has been and will be no real content here today. The photos are pretty though. Plus I'm traveling tomorrow and travel blogging is my favourite blogging so I'm assuming I'll manage to pull something legible together then.

Orange tulips are baller. Speaking of baller, I watched like six documentaries on 15th and 16th century British royalty today and there was this one sick one about the era following the War of the Roses with Philippa Gregory and I always assumed she would be weird looking but she was pretty so now I'm like sick one Philippa, mad props. What I now realise that I should have done was find a documentary to watch for the essay I need to write this week, but that did not occur to me until now so hey ho. Still got time. Mum says I shouldn't say how shit I am at making myself do uni work on here because no one will want to hire me but I'm like mum, if prospective employers are reading this I feel as though my less than enthusiastic approach to tertiary education is going to be the least of our issues.

Maybe they'll find my innovative use of the word 'fandango' enchanting.

I feel as though, despite the lack of substance, this post has been semi necessary in order for this blog to be an accurate representation of maself. Sometimes I feel like I want everything to be nice and neat and concise, and sometimes I have just had a really shitty couple of days and am finally able to feel excited about seeing PStrattz and want to vomit some words onto a page with some pictures of toast and candles. In the words of Ned Kelly, or Heath Ledger as I prefer to picture him, such is life. Those are also the words on Ben Cousins' giant abdomen tattoo. Couldn't filter myself today if I tried. Aiight. Imma go now. Restarting the entire episode of Once Upon a Time because I genuinely did not watch a single minute. Bye bye :)

PS. There is apparently liquid in my iPad and I'm like wuuut because I'm pretty sure I didn't spill anything on there but anyway it's currently sitting in a bag of rice and I'm like wow that's mildly inconvenient considering the combined like 36 hours of travelling I have to do very soon. Oh wellz. Also fingers crossed I can buy a DS charger at the airport tomorrow because I keep losing mine and I really want to play pokemon.