Christmas In London

London is going nuts right now. There's some hekkerz storm going on so planes are getting delayed and Waterloo station is packed and everyone is freaking out because they don't know how to deal with what I would refer to as Melbourne Weather. Earlier today before things got too kray I went for a walk around the city and took a few photos of some christmassy stuff. Obviously since it wasn't dark the lights don't look too impressive, and in general I'm feeling like London's Christmas game isn't as strong as it was last year, but twas still very pretty overall. And also I bought more of them cheesecakes in a cup.

Covent Garden had some opera shebangabang goin on to add to the ambiance.

Benny Boi lookin a bit foggy there

Closed due to 'adverse weather conditions'. Didn't understand why then. Do now.

Covent Garden for me is one of my favourite places in London, and is usually also one of the most christmassy, but this year was a bit bare compared to usual. Still nice though, even though twas beginning to storm a tad by this point. Also I didn't buy anything at Paperchase. I am truly growing as a person.

This is from a place near Covent Garden called Bella Italia where PStrattz and I had a bangin' lunch that time we got my build-a-bear.

Trafalgar Square was probs the least festive of all, the tree made me sad and I still don't understand the rooster statue, but the flowers for Mandela added a lil sumsum and I spent a while looking at them. 

The snowglobe around the statue of Eros, which has since been punctured and deflated/exploded by the storm. RIP cool yet tacky source of mental conflict in my christmas life.
Also just sayin' the fact that the Regent Street antler lights have giant ads for some movie in the middle of them this year does somewhat ruin the effect which makes me v.sad. They were my favourite part last year. OH WEYALLZ.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow which is absolutely nuts. I'm having belated proper christmas once I get back to Melbourne, but I think Patrick's coming over for a bit in the morning and I've got lots of excellent food, plus I've still got Eloise at Christmastime to watch, so I am still quite excited. Plus so keen for christmas specials. And mashed potatoes. Always mashed potatoes. I shall sleep now, and leave you with a couple of iphone pictures of things actually lit up from last year. Mez Chrizzle.