Where I Am Not

I am now back in London. I was going to take a bunch of photos of the flat and what I'm doing today but my SD card is broken, so thought I might as well fang up a couple of Leeds pics ay chums. Leeds is v. pretty and I like how it's not too big, also there's a paperchase, H&M, burger king and store that sells Yankee Candles on pretty much the same street, so automatic A+ from this guy. PStrattz is still up there until tomorrow and it's really weird not being with him. Not like 'oh I am so sad and alone', just like...where he be. Normally when we're not together it's because I'm at home but right now I'm not at home and he's still not here and I'm still kind of processing how this is meant to work. I had to say 'blaze it' at 4.20 by text today. Distance is a constant struggle.

I am still slightly le sick, so I decided not to go to either of the parties that were on last night and had George, Dan and Ellie over to the flat instead. Dan ate all my haribo and I showed them that I figured out how to watch myself on the giant tv. Went to bed at like 9.30, slept for 15 hours, still tired, still sick, watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid in ma shark slippers. Also I'm waiting for my fake tan to dry before I can shower so as I said on twitter I am currently looking like Ross in the episode of Friends where he wants to be a 2 but ends up an 8. Beauty doth abound this day. I was not aware that Chloe Moretz was in this movie. Also I keep coughing when I breathe and it's getting real bothersome.

Vicar of Dibley is on (it is now several hours later) and this brings me great joy. "I love you Herod." Aaaand now it's the next day. I went out into London today and did some frolicking and some purchasing of new SD cards, so all shall be up and running soon. I really want to get back into making videos properly too but that's a bit more of a trek than blogging. I got burger king on the way home but I wasn't hungry enough to eat all of it so half of it's just sitting there staring at me and it's so upsetting, but angelface Jackson Perkyperk is on his way over for the night and Made in Chelsea is on later so I suppose it evens out. The bed in this flat has satin pillowcases and sheets and a satin duvet cover and initially I was like wut but now I'm like how did I ever live without this. It's like sleeping in a cloud.

Imma leave this here and go try and figure out how to dry my clothes in this machine but I shall be back ever so soon, meine lieblings, ever so soon.