I have directly stolen this from Steph at Influence Blog (I'll add a link when I'm on an actual computer and not an iPad in a park) but I think it's a good idea and I don't have enough battery left to devise my own categories so let's yolo right on into it.

Making: Some beautiful memories
Cooking: Nothing because using the stove thing turns off the electricity in the apartment lolol
Drinking: Lemon iced tea
Reading: Just finished The Nazi Officer's Wife, now I'm starting a trashy one called The Wedding Planner. I enjoy literary diversity.
Wanting: For the electricity in the Rome apartment to sort its shit out tbh
Looking: 4 a good time. Also at Castel Sant'Angelo.
Playing: This quirky little game called life. 
Wasting: My precious battery typing this dang post for y'all 
Wishing: That One Direction would walk past right now and be like hey bæ mind if we join u
Enjoying: Life in general tbh also sitting in the shade because it's about a billion degrees
Waiting: For nothing rli  
Watching: This tiny bird hopping around in a circle
Liking: My own Instagram selfies
Wondering: Why this one specific part of my back hurts right now
Loving: This cafe and its free wifi
Hoping: This conversation goes the way I think it's going to *smirk emoji*
Marvelling: At my own conversational finesse
Needing: Probably to leave the wifi and continue living my life 
Smelling: Coffee and the great outdoors 
Wearing: A blue dress that goes really well with today's ambiance  
Following: My own path in this big, wide world
Noticing: That I semi need to pee
Knowing: Slightly more conversational Italian every day so holler at your girl for being cultured  
Thinking: About the rest of the trip, and also how ridiculous but exciting everything is going to be when I get home
Feeling: This jam. #hotchellrae4lyf
Opening: My heart and mind to new people and experiences<333
Giggling: Not out loud hopefully because I don't want the other people to think I'm crazy
Also Sneezing: SO MUCH?!

That is all for now, tiny bæs, but my next post should be a rundown of the trip so far, and I'm hopefully going to get on to writing something for A Version of the Truth tonight. X0