Oh sweet Jesus I am so exhausted. I've had 11,000 words due for uni in the last three days, I've still got another essay to go and I'm leaving for Italy in less than a week. I'm genuinely beginning to believe that the next time I'm going to get a solid sleep (apart from maybe tonight, I'm very tempted to go pass out as soon as I post this tbph and just not wake up until my soul is ready) is on the plane. But I'm kind of okay with that because I've realised that I really like being productive. Not being busy, I like to have the choice to watch three hours of UK Big Brother and maybe some Kardashians if I want to, but getting a certain amount of things done is so satisfying. Especially when I feel like it's actually contributing towards things that I want to do in the future. Doing a lot of planning at the moment.

That being said, the one major, major thing that I can't bring myself to do is pack up my room. Not for sentimental reasons, just takes. so long. I've got two boxes and one suitcase done so far and it doesn't look like there's even a difference. It's weird though because I also haven't made a video in a month and a half so I do begin to wonder what I actually HAVE been doing, but then I remember uni. So much uni. So over it. So close to the end. But ALSO! Sussy and my project is now 100% up and running! 

It's a website called A Version of the Truth, which is basically a middle ground between a personal blog and an online magazine kinda situation where we teach y'all to sass your way through life. We're still working out how we really want to do it because it's still very new, but I'm super excited about it. We both have assessments/exams right now so it's been dead so far this week, but it should pick back up v. soon. V. soon indeed. I want to write a post right now but I think I may actually pass out halfway through. Probably best to leave it til the morning.

Innywhoozle, this was just a quick check in because I was feeling neglectful, but I should hopefully be posting a lot of exciting travel-related things starting in a few days time :)

I am now going to go maybe eat some cheese because I can not stop thinking about it (I am genuinely so sleep deprived you don't even know) and then go to bed. Many blessinz upon y'all and ya kin. x0

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