November has been a month of organising and, in keeping with my most prominent trend of 2014, adjustments. This entire year has been a massive uphill learning curve and this month was no exception, but I feel like lately things have only changed in positive ways. I've been getting a lot busier than I have been in a long time, and having to figure out how to fit everything else in around that - balancing my free time between seeing friends, working on projects, sleeping and making obscene amounts of juices - has been an interesting experience, resulting in a very confused sleeping pattern and a slight lack of creative output.

The month started off most frabulously with a trip over to Perth, where I saw my dad and grandparents, and caught up with ma gurl Sussy to talk business and do other equally as important things like make bellinis and watch School of Rock. However, as far as the business front is concerned, Suss became ridiculously busy around pretty much the same time I did - just as we thought we finally had our shit together - so the training wheels are still on that bad boy. We know where we want to take it and what we need to do to get there, we just need to learn to balance everything else first.

A massive thing that happened in my life in November was finishing university. Classes ended in October, but I didn't hand my final assignments in until I was in Perth, and it was such a magnificent, freeing feeling. No more six hour solid sprints to write a 2,500 word essay before the midnight deadline. No more unnecessarily complicated referencing styles. Far fewer man buns in my immediate vicinity on a daily basis. What a world. Howevz, I have not got all my grades back yet so I may still fail something and have to pull another semester. Let us hope that is not the case.

Finishing uni has also got me thinking a lot more realistically about what it is that I actually want to spend my time doing and, to a more important extent, what I want to do with my life. I know I want to have a job that allows me to travel and work whenever/wherever I want, which would be mildly unreasonable were I to be entering the thrilling world of tax accounting or law, but as an arts graduate with majors in history and creative writing, I think I can work that one out. Writing as a profession is something I've always felt like I'd fall into in one way or another, whether it's writing music and being hella big-baller famous or having really nice hair and working at a magazine. Also super down with writing a series of best-selling young adult novels based on my own life and then living comfortably in a modern house in the English countryside living off royalties and planning the movie adaptations. We shall see. Only time will tell.

Look at that sassy little face. Bless my heart. And Sussy's reflection. Bless us all. At the moment I've realised that I can either function on 10% or 90% productivity, and the inbetweens don't really work. If I have nothing to do whatsoever I'm cool with (see: borderline incapable of doing anything other than) just rolling around on my bed watching Bad Education and selecting aesthetically pleasing additions to my tumblr as the hours slip away from me, but if there is literally anything I have to be doing at any point (see: deadlines, more than one social commitment a week, work) I need to fill up as many of my leftover hours as I can, or I feel like I'm wasting my precious free time. Which is where Madvent comes in. Madvent is a brilliantly named festival of Christmas and also me, taking place over the month of December both here and on my youtube channels, and planning it has taken up a lot of my time lately. I'm meant to be filming right now, in fact, but I accidentally did not sleep last night and I do not want to have to look at my current face through the entire process of editing, let alone post it on the internet. It will, however, be coming soon. Tomorrow in fact, on my second channel.

That being said, I've also realised I need to pace myself. I am very much confident that the time will come when I am able to balance everything at once and manage my time well without feeling suffocated, panicked or devastatingly fatigued, but ya don't add all the juggling balls at once, do ya. So right now I'm focusing on working, youtube and this blog, then we'll introduce A Version of the Truth back into the mix, and finally mayhaps a novel and some freelance writing. Idk guyz, this year has been a bitch in a lot of ways but also quite great, and I'm pretty pumped for 2015. Just need to get December out of the way first.

On that note, I will catch ya on Tuesday for the first blog post of Madvent x0

Would not mind this being my office all the time.