Business Classy As Hell

Comin’ atcha from the sky somewhere over Bahrain. I was not particularly looking forward to another eight hours after the last fifteen, but guess what? Ya girl got upgraded and is currently lounging with some free champagne in her rightful place amongst the ruling classes. Oh yes. Bitta Veuve in the sky never hurt nobody. Gonna get a mojito later. Be solidly marinated by the time I get to Dublin.

I think I cemented my status as Pretty Much As Upper Middle Class As Possible that time I almost had a heart attack when I thought there was no bocconcini to go in my midnight caprese salad, but this is really drivin’ it home. I am going to have to be very, very rich in my adult life because god knows I am never going to be happy in economy again. I mean I did already know I was going to need the dollar dollar bills in order to buy my children apple products, support my candle standards and generally maintain my cheese lifestyle, but sometimes life gives you these beautiful little moments of clarity where it’s just like “yes. Yes I think I will become a big city baller.”

Newsflash the coffee up here is still terrible. But the champagne is fantastic so it evens out.

Considering one is presumably going to need to forge some sort of career in order to attain the aforementioned #CheeseNCandleSwagger, perhaps now would be an appropriate time to have a lil life catch up. I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been working a LOT, and while that’s great because it’s getting me to London, it doesn’t leave me with much time for writing. Remember that novel I was starting a few months back? Still on the first chapter. Yeah. I mean it’s a good chapter, but I would quite like to move past it at some point. However, I am pleased to say that the book is the only major project I’ve actually let slip. If you’ve been reading along since the start of this year you’ll probably be familiar with the fact that 2015 has essentially been a saga of me trying to find my balance. We’ve been getting progressively closer, and now I think we’re almost there. I’ve got youtube sorted. I’ve figured out how to work and also see my friends. I’ve got months worth of blog ideas laid out and for the first time maybe ever I have a clear idea of things that I want to do with music. In my eyes, once I get myself back into the swing of making time to write then that’s pretty much everything sorted. And that is so frickin exciting.

It’s been just over a year since I moved out of home and the amount of growing up and learning and change that’s taken place in that year has been insane, but almost all of it has been positive. For at least the last 18 months my life has been pretty unpredictable, and although I spent the first 20-ish years of my life despising change I’ve actually learnt to enjoy the feeling of not knowing what’s going to come next. I mean I plan and scheme more than maybe anybody else I’ve ever met, but behind that I’m always prepared for something to come along that’s even better than what I’ve already thought of, and that mental shift has been one of the most positive changes I’ve made in my life. I’m thinking of writing a post some time soon on the ways that I’ve consciously altered – lol sidenote I almost just cried at the hunger games I am very overtired right now – my attitudes and thought processes for the better. It’s like every single motivational clichĂ© I’ve heard in my entire life has finally sunk in and I’m slowly becoming one of those mums with things like “it is what it is” embroidered on my tea towels. Only that’s not really the kind of mum I’m going to be. I have a very detailed MILF plan. But that’s a topic for another day.

For now, I’m going to concentrate on apparently being very emotionally affected by this movie and taking advantage of free Veuve on tap. Keep on livin’ ya lives and I shall update you from Ireland some time in the next few days. X0