Right This Second: Ireland Edition

Making: Slow progress through the turbulent forests of life
Cooking: Nothin but apparently we're having mac & cheese for dinner tonight and I am AMPED
Drinking: In the ambiance ;)
Reading: An article in ELLE UK about Diana Vreeland that is actually quite interesting
Wanting: Tea
Looking: Passable. Passable at best. It's been a long week.
Wasting: A lot of time as per always
Wishing: I didn't have to go home tomorrow tbph
Enjoying: The amount of green I can see out the window right now
WaitingFor Jake to get back from his driving lesson
Watching: Jeek draw a bunch of little raindrop creatures (he has returned)
Liking: "My drawing", he says. This is true, especially the little bear in the corner
WonderingWhy Jake won't let us tweet our friend a photo of us holding a knife ???
Loving: The mental implications of the fact that the one sign language word he remembers is 'crying'
Hoping: Those mental implications are not too serious
Marvelling: At how frequently Jake manages to bring up Koko the Gorilla
Needing: Probably to do a slightly better job of packing for my flight tomorrow
Smelling: Like Tuscan Blood Orange
Wearing: Black leggings, beige socks and a beige jumper. In fairness my coordination game is sub-par compared to Jeek who is wearing entirely blue today.
Playing: Blue by Eiffel 65 to drive home the point about Jake's outfit
Following: Not my own damn advice that is for certain
Noticing: That my stomach hurts a bit, yo
KnowingPlenty, thanks
Thinking: Shut up Jake
Feeling: Like I just got here and I do not want to go and also I am quite tired and a bit cold but happy.

Gonna go organise some lives and maybe go for a walk now. More once I'm home.