Shorter Hair, Do Care

Cut m'bloody hair off didn't I. Doesn't look different probs at all to the untrained eye, but this is a significant occasion for me because:

1. I literally get my hair cut about once every two years which is very bad, very bad I am aware but I frickin hate haircuts 
2. This is part of a wider trend/mentality shift in my life that I will get into properly in due course and 
3. I actually got three inches taken off thank you very much so it's not my fault if you don't love me enough to notice.

Also for good measure 4. I actually took selfies and that wouldn't have been significant a year ago but I never take selfies now and I think that is part of a wider issue regarding me being less obsessed with myself than I used to be which my mum would think is a good thing but I know is a sign of distress so GOOD RIDDANCE TO THAT AM I RIGHT LADS AND ON WITH THE SELFIES

I don't actually have anything specific to share today, I just fancied popping in and saying what's good. God my hair feels so healthy. The hairdresser (his name is David but I am repressing that for personal reasons) said I should leave maximum 12 weeks between haircuts and I was like oh ok fair but honestly my brain is gonna just shift those weeks right on over to months because sorry but scientifically my hair does not grow that fast and I am not about to rock a bob, regardless of what my mother would advise. This post has been a lot about my mother so far hasn't it. Hello mum. Sorry I haven't logged into my superfund yet. I would do it now but I'm really tired and also don't want to move to find the info.

Anyway. Updates that are not related to my mother's watchful eye over my fiscal admin, work is going well. Very stressful as per always, but in a busy way rather than an uhoh one. In response to this lack of free time I've started watching Merlin (terrible idea, I am aware, there are like five seasons and I have no self control), I have also started watching Mr. Selfridge (echo previous sentiments) and am in the process of trying to convince everyone I know that we should go to Milan for the weekend.
As always, coping well.

I'm going to go read some other people's actual structured content now and then go to sleep (IT'S NOT EVEN 10.30 WHO AM I) (RESPONSIBLE), but I have a lot more planned for the next week or so, so stayed tuned for that classic bantz. I am so tired. I'm not going to remember posting this in the morning. Bless us all. xo

Ps. I also am in the process of interviewing one of the women from Ladies of London for work so am naturally also going to need to start watching that from Series One asap, just to be responsible.
PPS. My fav podcast is back but they've rebranded from 'Pandolly' to The High Low, go listen.
PPPS. If u want more recommendations I'm also really into Sephora masks atm and freeze dried strawberries
PPPPS. Who's up for Milan