London Aquarium

I have many things to put on here about Italy n whatnot but I'm going back to Australia tomorrow and Patrick's gone out and I'm meant to be packing but I don't want to do that so I'm watching hauls on the youtubez and mentally planning how I'm going to redo my room when I get home and I thought I would check in and holla atchall. I just remembered I'm meant to be getting ready to film a video when P.Strattz gets back so I should do that but also nah. 

Since Patricia and I are either together 24/7 or not at all we tend to just do life stuff, which is all fun and good but it means that we semi skipped the whole oooh look at us we're dating and going on dates and doing things as a couple thang and skipped straight to hello we live together and let's go to a German concentration camp today. So after our accidental bear date of yesterweek turned out to be quite the pleasant experience, we decided we should do dis more often, which is why yesterday we went to the aquarium which was siiiiiick. The London aquarium isn't as good as the Melbourne one but twas still rawther enjoyable due to sharks n whatnot. Needs more octopuses though. I don't really have that much to say about it other than woooo aquarium yay sharks and I also liked the piranhas and I can feel myself getting distracted already so imma just fang in some 'quarium pix now and then later when I'm either procrastinating more effectively or not at all I shall fill you in on our italian exploits and urrthang else that's been going awn.

Patrick likes turtles.

Piranhas hollaaa


Me n Sharks