26 Hours In Rome

Nothing like a mid-week jaunt to Italy, really. You may recall that in my last post I mentioned a trip I took to Milan, Florence and Venice at the end of last month, and the photos from that are still coming, but last week I had two days off in a row and felt it would only be prudent to pop over for a quick reprise. I mean in reality it was slightly more calculated than that and planned specifically to coincide with my friend AD being there from Melbourne, but you know me. These things are always in the spirit of impulse. And I did end up going back to work on Thursday after little to no sleep thanks to the delay to end all delays (shoutout to EasyJet) so it may as well have been a poorly thought out snap decision. Absolutely yolo.

Either way, it was a delightful time. By this point I think we're all aware that now and then I require a bit of Italy to recharge my joie de vivre, and I hadn't seen AD since January so in the least emotion-baring way possible I was also somewhat in need of that, so yes. All around great decision. Perhaps not the most financially responsible, but great. As I've spent a lot of time in Rome before and this was mainly a trip to catch up and spend time with my friends, taking photos wasn't really my priority so these are all (bar one) from my phone, but they still warm my heart as most things Italy-related do.


Truly an emotional journey. Get out of my pic.