Sleep All Day, Edit All Night

I've been thinking a lot today (yesterday?) about whether I'm a night or a morning person, because I've realised over the last year or so that I love being awake early, but good god do I loathe nothing on this earth more than actually waking up. Like I understand that no one particularly likes it but I am on a new level entirely. Anyway, I believe I have just answered my own question by staying up literally the entire night editing footage from Italy.* Great job, me. I actually much prefer being productive earlier on in the day (as well as obviously the smugness that comes with being conscious for more hours of daylight than other people), I just also happen to have a massive issue with procrastination, which is how we have arrived here today. It also does not pair fantastically with having a full time job, let me tell you that. But it's fine. It is absolutely 100% no problemo that I need to wake up for work this time tomorrow and have yet to go to bed. 
No. Worries. Here.

The issue of time management and figuring out how to balance creative work with having an actual job is one of the Top 3 Issues In My Life right now, along with 'Where Are We Moving In August' and 'What Am I Doing In General'. A massive part of it isn't a lack of actual time, but a complete absence of energy in the time that I do have free. I don't understand how doing essentially nothing for 8 hours can be so draining but it is, and the days when I'm not ridiculously overtired are even more draining because then I'm actually conscious enough to think about all the other more productive ways I could be using that time. I'm experiencing real adulthood, people, and boy oh boy I am not going to stand for this in the long run. Scheme central right now.

I feel I have done all the scheming that I need to do on paper (one of the few benefits of full time retail) and now I just need to set the wheels in motion. That is a rawther crucial step. Another crucial step is learning to sleep like a normal damn person but I'm not bloody superman ok one step at a time.

I'm gonna go sleep and then rise renewed and ready to fix all my problems in one day.
Bless us all xoxo

*If you were unaware of my brief jaunt to Italy last month you really should be following me on insty and twitter. There will also be several posts about the trip on here soon, but follow me regardless.