Bears n Whatnot also Spriggzy

Aloha peasants, I have just awoken from a glorious slumber which took place somewhat involuntarily between the hours and 4 and 8pm because Patrick was all "let's have a nap" and I was like "ugh fine you big dumb slut" so now I'm disoriented and also really hungry s0o0o0o hay.

"While having listerine I was like 'do I swallow this?' and then I read the back and it was like 'do not swallow this'." - Patrick

Aiight it is now three hours later (this is exactly like my old blog) and I'm doing an Australian working visa application for Patrock but I can't proceed until he returns from his excursion to the lavatory and finds his passport so I'm just eating this box of Lindt Christmas (Easter) eggs we got for seven pounds the other night when we went and bought all the food that I have ever known to exist.


I wrote that like three days ago and since then we have acquired Patricia's working visa and booked his flights. Hol. La. Son. It snowed for ages so we had a movie night even though we have movie nights every night because that's what you do when you live wid yo boifran but we had an official movie night cos there was this much food.

Oi P.S. I am tired as tits right now cos we were frolicking around Covent Garden all day having a lovely time, purchasing/birthing Build-A-Bears and buying dashing new outfits for Patrice and having da best lunch ever aw shoo' guyz Matrick had an accidental date day let's all hold hands and sing aww to the tune of kumbaya in unison. If you wanna get technical this was only like our second date because we do heaps of shit but it's just like living and I don't know if that time we went to a concentration camp counts so yis that's something to ponder. After much discussion we came to the shared conclusions that we quite like dates and today was grand so we should do this more often so maybe we will who knows or maybe we will keep sitting in bed and watching River Monsters idk I'm cool with both. Srzli tho we now have a bear family and we're all sat on the bed watching videos and being adorbz so someone should come give us some kind of terrifying award.

Russell coming to life.

We made Patrick's little sister take some family portraits she loved it heaps.

How tiny is this dessert man, it was good tho

Seriously though today was a really good day. We also went to the Disney store.

Also last night we went and met everybody's favourite future Prime Minister Spriggzy for dinna n bevanz. We went to McDonald's and it was only as he was ordering his mcnugz that Spriggzy remembered he's a vegan this week. Suckaaaaaaaa. He had veggie burger and was sad and we laughed at him god bless. Then we went into the houses of parliament and got krunk. For actualz.

I was also in Spriggzy's VEDJ video for yesterday so take a gander at these dulcet tones.

Speaking of videos I made a new one on ma main channel and it's sick as hell guyz.

Ideekz what else I was gonna put here cos I just got distracted by a video for Patrick's secret by accident second channel so imma go but I will maybe write something somewhat worthwhile soon. We are going to see George tomorrow and I am excited because he's just a bundle of joy. Shatz0rs out.

Ps. Look at the pretty snow
Pps. One of the photos is of my feet cos I went and stood in the snow on the balcony to take pictures cos my shoes were far and my feet went blue and it was awesome