Guten Tag

Hello there friends. I have decided to start a new blog because I have been going on many exciting adventures lately and I don't want to use my old blog and I don't feel as though twitter and tumblr and youtube are enough 4 da fanz. Also creative writing is one of my majors so I feel like I should probably start writing things that are not comments on Larry Stylinson fan videos s0o0o0o0o holla.

I am currently sitting on da bed while Patrock is downstairs eating some stuff that I do not want to eat and he's left on some Led Zeppelin live video for me to watch which is quite loud and it's an hour and 40 minutes long but it's just out of arm's reach so I don't really feel as though it's in my best interests to move my entire person and turn it off just yet.

We got back from Berlin this morning rawther early. We had to get up at 4.30 Germany time which is 3.30am here and now it's 9.30pm here so ideekz how I'm still awake guys but it's pretty miraculous and probably has something to do with gummi bears. Just remembered I had a really long nap so there's that. Man this video is loud. Should I put on One Direction instead? Imma put on One Direction instead.

Oi guyz something you may not be aware of but I super am is that I always have a buzzword for what I call people, for instance for a while there I was calling everybody playaz, then peasants, then kimosabe, then man and now we have reached a particularly potent phase in which I have apparently decided to refer to everyone and everything as "son." It sounds both condescending and street smart so needless to say I'm quite pleased with myself.

I lied to yall I'm not listening to the sweet sweet melodies of ma bb boi Zayn I'm actually having a solitary rave to I Knew You Were Trouble and I am so sorry for deceiving you like so sorry like I am so so sorry. But imma go now and do some pondering and probs do a post about Berlin or London or something lata so peace out home skillets I will catch you on the flip flop.