Aiight so I am hungry but Patrick's out and the kitchen is far so I'm just sitting here wid ma fro eating German candeh and thinking that this may be a fitting time at which to post ma Berlin rundown. 

We got in late on Sunday afternoon and left super early Friday morning, and I really can nay be bothered to actually go through all of what we did but here are photos and captions. Holla.

Sunday we walked around the pleasantly non-stabby neighbourhood and went to da supermarket.




Monday I was very unwell so Tash and Patrick went to the Berlin wall and I slept a lot and watched The Holiday and then we all slept and then went and got mexican food which was good.

Quesadilla son

Hell pleased with himself

Tuesday we went to the Holocaust Memorial and the museum under it. 

 We also got lunch at an Italian place, twas good, I appreciated the menu.

Then we went and frolicked around a park for a while.

On Wednesday we went to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp which was freaky as shit and also probs about -2000 degrees which was a jolly lark and a half. There are houses like right next to the camp and I was just like why do you...why do you live here
hay sexay

 At one point we went down into one of the original kitchens and I properly flipped my shit idk why guyz but I felt like there were spirits touching me or something I aint even joking I ran back up those stairs so dang fast.

 Patrock and I both found the watch towers particularly interesting/freaky

 Then we went to Starbucks back in the city and also up a giant dome thing in the building where Hitler killed himself (holla) but I forgot that I don't really like heights and looking over the edge to a very steep drop is probs not ma favourite activitay but I didn't vomit or cry or nuthin so it's fine.

 I took this photo of some of my mates right after I freaked out and speed walked back down the giant ramp to safety.

On Thursday we didn't do anything noteworthy, we just went and shopped around Alexanderplatz. I got a mandigan. And so did Patrock. He also got a really nice jacket of which I am very proud.
We also had mexican for dinner again.

And then we went to bed and then we came home and that was the end of Berlin.
Join us next time for Italy.
Only not text time, in like two weeks.