Well hello there, it has been quite a while. When we left off I believe I was in Rome for the first time on the trip, and since then I've been to Florence, Amsterdam, Berlin, back to Rome, Venice, Ireland and back home to Melbourne, where I have moved out like a grown up into my own apartment. Yup. Just a few updates to be given. So the next few posts should be about Europe and everything that went on there, and then we'll get into the apartment updates and good ol' general tomfoolery. I don't even know where to begin because so much has happened, so for now I thought it would be quite fitting to do the exact same thing I did in the last post and see what's changed. Blezz yaz. xo

Making: Plans. Always making plans.
Reading: Nothing, should probs get on that tbh so that I can be a learned adult
Wanting: To be in Ireland
Looking: Pretty rough if imma be real with ya but ain't no1 here to judge
Playing: "This quirky little game called life." No part of me wants to change that answer.
Wasting: Away to nothing because I spent all my money on stupid shit and now I can't afford groceries lolololol 
Wishing: Awn a shootin' star. Not rli but this one time in Ireland we were all lying on Jake's trampoline looking at the stars being 100% deep and just enjoying the lack of light pollution and there was a shooting star and it was hella picturesque and just a beautiful moment all round and Jake missed it and I have literally no idea how because his head was right next to my head and that star smashed right through the middle of my vision just sayin' how is a human that useless but I really liked that night
Enjoying: The rotund prison guard's banjo song about how much he hates nuns and his parents
Waiting: For Jeek to wake up and reply to my very important texts, Fiona to get home so she can see how gr8 I was at organising and cleaning the apartment today and my brain to think of an idea for the video I need to post tomorrow
Watching: The season 2 finale of Orange Is The New Black
Liking: The family portrait I just posted on twitter
WonderingHow long I can put off going to get my laptop charger
Loving: Life 2k14
Hoping: That things pan out the way I would like them to
Marvelling: At my own ability to be wearing vaguely wet and therefore cold socks and be extremely annoyed by it and still not get up and walk like ten metres to change them
Needing: Probably to eat a vegetable tbh 
Smelling: Fabalas as per usual 
Wearing: The aforementioned cold, wet koala socks, leggings, my dad's jumper that I've been wearing since prolly friday and a bit of a resting bitchface I should imagine
Following: My instincts and going to change my socks and get my charger brbz
Noticing: Nothing rli I'm not in a very observant mood
Knowing: That Sussy is coming in two days both thrills and terrifies me. 
Thinking: About da boi, and now also about 'About The Boy' by Little Mix and also Big Brother and how I'm quite full but I could also go for some kind of dessert idk man it's a hard knock life, also Poussey is so great.
FeelingThat I am one hundo percent going to have one of them weird pimples that's just a red sore bump on the side of my nose come morning
Opening: A can of whoopass on the kitchen as soon as I finish this cos shit needs cleaning
Giggling: Nah m8