Rome and Florence Through My Phone (And a bit of Amsty and Berlin)

As I said in my last post, since I didn't use a proper camera in Europe I have about a billion photos on my phone, and while I do not have the energy or the willpower to compile a full pictorial run-through of the trip as a whole, I have managed to fang these ones into an acceptable state so HERE YOU GO. The last bits of Rome: Take One, and a little bit of Florence. Many blessings. 

 Coffeez wid a view at Biblio Bar on the river

Hella picturesque cafe at the top of Castel Sant'Angelo. That is a frickin window hole. Not a painting. 

Me being sceptical of the Colosseum

Turned the corner from my apartment.....


Various baes

Rank old fort

Gelatooo (please read in Ms Ungermeyer voice)

There were obviously several hundred selfies in addition to these but tbh I have moved on with my life and so should you. Also I went back to Rome like two weeks later so we have to leave a bit of room for that. NEXT UP: FLO-RENCE

After Rome I had a few days free before I was meant to meet my friends in Amsterdam so I decided to pop up to Florence real quick. I have an entire album on facebook that's just selfies with amazing captions but tbh I can't be bothered going through all of those so have a few token pix to symbolise my time wandering those jolly renaissance streets x0

Havin' a sit and a ponder outside the duomo

J'adore Paris

Was just tryna take a good selfie with my gelato and this fuggerz old church kept getting in the background

Me and the 100% real one and only actual David statue wow look at the authenticity

The leaning tower of Pisa

Italian bro took me on a d8 

Twas gr8 til he insulted the Backstreet Boys

The view from my window not even gonna lie it was pretty baller and that is the end of that chapter.

After that I scampered off to Amsterdam and Berlin for a few days with some palz. Didn't take too many photos there and tbph those are times that are probably best left unexplored, so that is all for now. Next time I shall delve into the wonder that was my time with my boiz.

 More like AmsterDARN* thank u let's keep it PG

 Hella pretty tho can't lie

 My water chauffeurs doing their job

 Noice one yar

 Sunset in Alexanderplatz more like wow disgusting amirite

Sunrise at da klub