Rome: Round One, Part One

Behold: My entire essence perfectly captured in one image.

I've been putting off this post for so long because I have about 1000 photos to go through, but it is well and truly time to move on to more current events and so bite the bullet I must. I did a few posts while I was in Rome, plus I'm tired as all git out atm so I shan't go into details but here are some cheeky pix from the first week of the trip, as taken by old m8 Gabrielle. Dreaded iPhone post shall be composed shortly. Pls pray for me.

Bae actin' like he's more interested in Gabby but I know he aint lol quit playin

Casual breakfast outside the Pantheon

Hella old tunnel

This could be us but u playin


Free wifi luvin' life-i

Try harder

Lookin' smug in front of some derelict scrapheap

But do u have wifi

Not impressed by this bridge but it's still better than the one to Terabithia cos it didn't make me cry through three ad breaks

Luvzittt such a joker

Literally tho could they have not at least put a tarp over the top if they weren't gonna finish it what if it rains

Surveying my kingdom.