Christmas Shopping | #Madvent Day 14

Today has been a very tiring but satisfying day. I woke up hella late because I was planning not to do anything aside from film today's main channel video, but then I decided I felt like wrapping presents, and in order to wrap presents I needed to buy them so off I went. And the video remains unfilmed. I will get onto it though, just gonna watch The Talented Mr Ripley real quick first. Only ten minutes in and good god Jude Law but back to the matter at hand.

In true McGowan style I hit up Dymocks immediately. I almost always end up doing 90% of my Christmas shopping there and this year is no exception, but I did manage to get out with only two books for myself which is a considerable improvement on my usual average of five. I'm obsessed with book stores. Every time since probably my mid-teens that I've decided I'm taking my life in a new direction I've fanged down to Dymocks and found myself a pile of resources on which to base my new state of being. Consequently, I now find myself in possession of everything from trashy airport lit to classic style guides to a small library of songwriting theory and the entirety of Europe via Lonely Planet. I am very intense, very thorough and very easily distracted, which is why I've only made it through probably half of them. Long story short, when it comes to Christmas my literary intensity is easily transferred onto other people and that is why I only had to make one other stop before I was completely done.

Technically I made two stops - I took a brief jaunt to Typo for wrapping paper and other packaging necessities - but the only other place I needed to go to actually buy presents was David Jones. It's only a street away from Dymocks, but in the time it took me to get there I saw probably twelve giant nutcrackers and became very conflicted due to the fact that Nutcrackers = traditional winter christmas and today = 32 degrees.

Christmas decorations juxtaposed against the summer usually seem normal to me since I've lived here for so long, but when I think back to what it's like in London in December it does seem a bit odd. This time last year I was wandering around Covent Garden in a thousand layers with some mulled wine, and today was certainly a bit of a departure from that, so I thought that seeing as a lot of you are from very different climates I'd show you a bit of what we've got going on.

Not exactly Regent Street, but it does get a bit more jazzy at night. There are projectors along the street that light up the Town Hall all rainbow n whatnot. Tbph looking at this now I think it would look grand with a bit of snow here and there, but according to my recent google searches it has only snowed in Melbourne twice since 1882, and I doubt either of those times were in December. Still, a girl can dream. Dream of violently atypical weather that would probably signal some kind of apocalypse. And sugarplums.

In the time since I started this post this movie has gotten really dark and heavy and I'm not enjoying it at all but I feel like I should keep watching it. I did not anticipate this being a psychological thriller. No sir. Also this sign was in the Christmas Village in City Square. It also indicates that the North Pole is in the direction of Melbourne Uni, which I guess is technically true.

The font on this Christmas tree reminds me of TGI Friday's and makes me really want chicken fingers. Can you tell this movie has ruined me mentally and I now have no idea what's even going on with this post? Why am I still watching. 

I think I'm really scared of Matt Damon now? Never watch this movie. I don't even watch Pretty Little Liars because it freaks me out. I really should have googled shouldn't I. I just saw Italy and pretty 90s Jude Law and was like yeah sure why not. God damn it. In other news, what a charming post box!

I don't know how this post could have gone had I decided to perhaps watch something slightly lighter in tone, but here we are. I think Matt Damon is going to kill Gwyneth Paltrow now. And I am going to watch something else. Eat, Pray, Love? Eat, Pray Love. Let's undo the damage we have done this night.

Innywhoozle long story short I finished all my Christmas shopping and then I got Starbucks and came home. I also lied back up there because it would appear I also went to The Body Shop after David Jones. Oh my god guys please never let me accidentally watch a psychological thriller again. I'm going to go watch Julia Roberts discover herself and maybe make some bolognese because I feel like I have broken my brain and that is not very Christmas of me. Farewell. 

Today's #Madvent Movie: The Polar Express