Welcome to Madvent! | #Madvent Day 2

Yoohoo. 'Tis the second day of Madvent, but the first blog post, so I thought I would quickly run through the dealio this month and when I'll be posting where.

Main Channel
There will be a new video on my main channel every Sunday.

Second Channel
Every odd numbered day (1, 3, 5 etc.) there will be a Christmas-themed video on my second channel, and after the big day the focus will shift to the true nature of Madvent - the lead up to my birthday. This will escalate into a video a day between December 29th and the most wonderful day of all, January 2nd.

I'm going to be posting on here every day that I'm not posting a second channel video, so on the even numbered days. At this point I'm only going to be doing that up until Christmas, but I might keep going until ma bday. We'll see how exhausted I get.

#Madvent Movies!
At the end of every video I'm going to give you guys a Christmas movie to watch in the time before the next one comes out, and I'll also put them at the bottom of each blog post. I will tweet when I watch it, you will tweet me when you watch it, we will hashtag #Madvent, it'll be a fantastic old time.

The #InternetAdvent Calendar
My flatm8 NeonFiona of NeonFiona fame has created a lil sumsum herself this festive season, in the form of the Internet Advent Calendar, which you can find here. She's created a prompt for each day, which you can post on twitter, insty, youtube etc. using the hashtag #InternetAdvent. I shall be participating in some capacity and I suggest you do too. Just sayin'.

To give you a lil sumsum other than just a schedule today, I thought I'd chuck you a little look at some of the decorations we've got up so far at Casa Di Faddi.

Nice little tannenbaum nestled amongst my bevans 

Very high-class filming background 

#minitree dwoz about it

Got m'self a nice little present already

And finally a festive wreath on the freezer, accompanied by our Lil Jon flyer and the Moth Rules.

That is all for today, but stay tuned for the inevitable escalation of #Madvent over the coming weeks.

Today's #Madvent Movie: Elf

Yesterday's Video: