Good riddance, 2014. It's been real.

As the year is drawing to a close I have decided to poach some questions from ultimate-bae-pls-let-me-be-u Kenza about the year wot has passed and the one wot is yet to come. I still may do a proper round-up post like I did at the start of this year, but I'm not entirely sure how much I really want to revisit yet. We shall see, but for now here are some cheeky Qs. xo

Describe the year in 3 words:
Best and worst

Best bargain:
Probably the apartment where I stayed in Rome for two weeks in June. So cheap. Right next to the Pantheon. Snaps for me.

What songs will remind you of 2014?
Competition, Towers, Boy & About The Boy by Little Mix, Mirrors & Not A Bad Thing by JT, the entire 5SOS album, probably a lot of 1D as per usual. Ridin' Solo. Vamps.

Who have you been with the most?
In the second half of the year Fiona by far because her room is three metres from mine.

Have you had a relationship in 2014?
Had the end of one for the first 23 days and a lil sumsum for a bit in the middle there. It has been a complicated and exhausting year on the relationship front.

What was your biggest blunder in 2014?
I don't think I actually fucked up too badly this year which is nice. I'll be sure to alert u if I think of something.

What do you see as the biggest events of the year?
Breakup by far was one of the biggest of my life and completely shaped the rest of the year so that takes the cake, but also moving out was pretty big, mid-year eurotrip and graduating.

Have you become better at something?
Life in general. If I've been going up by one level per year so far in my life I reckon I went up by about eight in 2014. But more specifically I've become a lot better at time management and productivity and also maybe cooking, cleaning and Italian. And not yelling at Fiona for no reason. Although I don't think I yelled at her at all last year so maybe I've gotten worse at that.

What was particularly bad this year?
Oh m8.

What was particularly good?
June and July were amazing, as well as the Eat, Pray, Love I pulled in February.

Did you meet new people?
I actually made friends with people at uni on purpose which was very unexpected on all accounts and it hasn't yet turned out to have been a horrible mistake so wow would you look at that.

Did you do anything in 2014 that you haven't before?
Moved out and became an actual adult

Did something make you very happy?
Most of this year tbh, all of June and July, every time I have seen George's precious face. Considering I spent the first half of 2014 crying on my floor I have also been deliriously happy for quite a lot of it.

What was your biggest career success in 2014?
Probably actually finishing university and getting an internship/job was a pretty good move towards eventually having a career.

Greatest success on a personal level?
Full disclosure I am very #proudofme for dealing with my breakup as well as I did. Like it's still a shit time sometimes and I did participate in aforementioned floor crying but I didn't emotionally stunt myself or impulsively fly to England so #congrats. Genuinely probably every person I know has at one point or another been like yeah I was very pleasantly surprised. Same, compadres. Same.

Who do you miss?
This is potentially a very heavy question so I'm just going to go with the truest answer to my heart and that is George. And also Calvin because we no longer reside in the same location and I miss his sassy little judgment face and self-satisfied prance every second of every day.

What will you do differently next year?
Be more productive and maybe cry less. Also everything else because it's my first year completely out of education and I am very excited to craft my existence.

Do you think 2015 will be just as good?
Hopefully it'll start off a bit better ay guvnah!

What will you miss from 2014?
Living at home, the routine of going to uni, that time in May when I was hella skinny because I hadn't really eaten solids for about four months at that point. Those were the days.

What do you wish you'd done more of?
Work. We are probably seeing a pattern here of the terrifying new Maddi that has emerged over the past month or so who is very motivated and into getting shit done. However last night I ate so much macaroni that I couldn't move so not to fear, Old Maddi is still here too.

Where did you spend the most money?
Food. Food and travel. Mainly food. Specifically cheese.

And finally, your plans for 2015?
A lot of work that I'm very excited about, but also trying to balance that out with not exhausting myself again. Hopefully moving or at least travelling a considerable amount and making tangible progress towards what I want to do with my life.

What do you say to yourself for 2015?
Don't fuck it up.