Last Minute Christmas Cheer

It's no secret that I haven't exactly been feeling Christmas this year. Normally I'm all about the festive season, which for me starts roughly around March, but given everything that's going on at the moment I just haven't had the time or energy to embrace it. Plus this year my family is all over the place so most of my shopping has been online, and the side I'm actually spending the day with isn't really doing presents so I've essentially bypassed my favourite element of the entire holiday which is buying and wrapping presents. I suspect this is honestly the main reason for my lack of cheer because I LOVE buying and wrapping presents and that's normally when I start feeling it, but it's a weird year. We'll get back on form in 2016.

In any case, it's the 23rd of December and I have decided to make it my mission to drag myself into the Christmas spirit whether I like it or not. 
Here is my battle strategy:

1. Set The Tone
I started off my day by listening to my Christmas playlist. In my mind, this acts as a way to clearly set my intentions for the rest of the day and also Christmas music is great. I tried to get a good mix of the ones that make me feel most festive, like Josh Groban and Wiggly Wiggly Christmas, and bangers such as Santa Tell Me and Miranda Sings' Carol of the Bells. I think it worked because I've been walking around singing carols all day instead of my usual rotation of On My Own, What A Girl Wants and this song I wrote the other day about a boy. Oh no now I want to listen to About The Boy by Little Mix. But I promise this is a good step. No Little Mix today, listening to Petit Papa Noël instead.

2. Free Yourself
As I've said, one of the main reasons I haven't been as into Christmas this year is how busy I am, and today was no different but I decided to set aside night time for festivity so I wrote a To Do list and worked my way through it as early as I could. Now I am free to catapult myself into an atmosphere of yuletide joy. I mean there are still things I need to do, but none of them are immediate enough to distract me. Apart from this post but I'm ON THAT, AREN'T I.

3. Little Things
Sometimes it's the little things that make the most difference. I have put on some thematically appropriate socks, painted my nails a fitting shade of gold and updated my tumblr with a whole bunch of wintery, festive new #content. Never underestimate how much the little things add up, yall. Frickin love my tumblr.

4. Do Something Heartwarming
Given the thing that usually gets me into the spirit is wrapping presents for other people I figure this is a pretty important component so as not to create a hollow experience for yourself. I don't really know specifically what you can do because everyone warms their dang hearts in different ways, but basically think of things you can do that will ultimately make other people happy, and do them. That might be planning something you could do with your family, thinking of a last minute present or writing out cards. You'll know it when ya feel it. I am planning to do this in conjunction with the final step, which is...

5. Immerse Yourself In Christmas Entertainment
My plan is to start with something short like a tv special, then solidify the spirit with Love Actually before cranking up the magic with a classic like The Santa Clause. However now I'm also feeling like watching something I haven't seen before so we'll play it by ear. Do what ya heart tells ya. Just do it.
Also think ahead and lay any ground work you'll need to properly enjoy any entertainment you have planned for the actual day. For example, I have downloaded the entire 6th season of Downton Abbey so I'll be all caught up for the Christmas Special. I also intend to download some of my fav specials from the past (which you can find along with my top 5 movies here) to watch tomorrow. Put in the hard yards. This is serious business.

Feel free to leave any more tips you have down below, for now I am off to watch Doctor Who.
Season's farewells to thee. x0