Right This Second: Sleep Deprivation

I did not sleep last night.

Cheeky screencap from an upcoming vid where I look suitably tired

Making: A solid attempt at staying awake
Cooking: Nothing I'm sitting on the living room floor
Drinking: A very large cappuccino
Reading: Is where we are moving to instead of London at first because it is cheaper and I don't want to work 24/7
Wanting: To be able to just poke things in my apartment and make them disappear or be sold like on the sims
Looking: Better than I feel but that is not saying much
Wasting: God knows, ask me in like three months
Wishing: I were slightly more conscious right now
Enjoying: Caffeine and always Charlotte Crosby
WaitingFor the caffeine to kick in properly so I can plan my entire life
WatchingGeordie Shore season 2 on Fiona's laptop
Liking: That I've managed to stay awake up until this point
Wondering: A lot of things, lads. A LOT. Like a couple of them are about boys but also I have a lot about the universe and my moon cult and a couple about laundry too
Loving: Anyone but yourself is a dangerous thing to do, my friends. Dogs are fine.
Hoping: I will stay awake some more and that something really shit happens to Rebecca soon on Geordie Shore
Marvelling: At how literally none of the boys are ever wearing shirts in their cutaways
Needing: Sleep technically but like on a more realistic level I'm gonna go with a fuckin BREAK not even that tho I think maybe I need to just have a calm little sit down with my bad self and ponder the intricacies of life, love and laughter.
SmellingCoffee cos i just moved my cup to right next to my face I am lying on my stomach now
WearingThe only clothes that are not in a suitcase
Playing: Back some beautiful memories in my mind, sparked by witnessing a most magical night on Geordie Shore.
Following: Those memories with other ones that started to make me sad because I am too tired to handle my own emotions but it's okay because now Charlotte is talking and literally everything in the entire world is at peace once more.
Noticing: Well VICKY is noticing that she has accidentally somehow transitioned boyfriends whilst in the G.S. house
KnowingThat I've never fucked up that badly so we're good
Thinking: About which areas of my life I want to scheme for now that I am slightly more alert
Feeling: I think tired. But I don't really know anymore.