fluff nugget calvitron

I am so freaking obsessed with my dog right now it's not even ok. Legit he's curled up on my floor and I've just been staring lovingly at him for like twenty minutes. I don't even know what's going on. He's so tiny and fluffy and creepy and for some reason lately I am just 100% A+ obsessed with him. And he's apparently also obsessed with me which is an interesting turn of events, because he is a bitchy, judgmental little sasspants who would normally rather give you side-eye from afar than be normal and affectionate but nope, lately he's been stalking me and coming into my room and we cuddle and watch movies together and I am so. so. so obsessed with him. Oh my god he's so tiny. And fluffy. And he just fell asleep and made a little noise and scared himself so now he's sitting up trying to look cool and oh my god.

Look at him.
Fucking look at him.

Just bffs hanging out by choice

This was while we were watching Frozen and he looks so genuinely concerned and scarred that I laugh for like 20 minutes every time I look at it.

There was no point to this other than I am really obsessed with my dog rn. U welc 4 sharing.