I'm currently sitting on the couch feeling quite unwell, watching the footy and thinking about the twenty things I have to do tomorrow. Not the most A+ of Sunday nights (excluding the footy, though that does semi depend how this game goes*), but my uni week doesn't start til Wednesday so it's all gucci, I can have a do-over on Tuesday when I've finished all my stuff and perhaps recovered slightly. Last week, however, as a result of my recent 'let's be wholesome and zen and actually leave the house sometimes' change of heart n soul, I had probs the most chilled out ideal Sunday ever and this is the tale of how that unfolded.

7.00am: Up'n'chirpin bright and early. I have recently discovered the wonders of leaving my house for the sake of leaving my house. Been cultivating my zen in this park and since I had risen with the sun I thought it only appropriate to take advantage of this opportunity to have a lil ponder and a scrawl at one with nature before all the children and dogs emerged. I'm very very easily distracted and tend to be all over the place most of the time, so I've realised that by putting myself in a situation where there isn't really anything to do except think and write and stare at judgmental birds it forces me to organise my thoughts and calm the fuck down, which is apparently a really pleasant start to the day.

9.00am: After my foray into the wild 'twas time to wind down and readjust to the comforts of domestic life. Had a bit of a breakfast and a read. I've been making a conscious effort to read more this year, in the sense that sometimes I'll pick a really easy book and just smash through it in a couple of hours so that I can add it to my list but also making ma way through things I've been meaning to read for ages. Just finished Tamara Mellon's autobiography and I'm about to start this baller special edition of Dracula that I got at the end of last year. Anticipating a heartwarming tale of friendship, personal growth and harmless hijinks.
I swear hijinks should be spelt with an x. That looks so wrong to my eyes. This is possibly pokemon's fault?

11.00am: Studious vibez. We're getting to that point in the semester where uni is beginning to expect me to do work. Not a huge fan, but I managed to get through both my presentations last week with a singular all-nighter so going quite well so far I would say.

1.00pm: LAUNDRAAAAY. CLEANLINESS. DOMESTICITY. I frickin love doing laundry it's so satisfying. I still have an entire floor full of clothes to sort through but yolo small victories. I also cleaned the kitchen and organised and vacuumed my entire middle room. But not my bedroom. Tbh probably did all the rest of it to avoid venturing in there. Also caught up on the Real Housewives of Melbourne during this time and oh my god it is the best thing I have ever seen. They asked the mothers/aunts/acquaintances of so many people I know to do it and everyone decent said no and oh god. Oh god it is just so good. So so good.

3.00pm: Pretty self explanatory tbh, was proud of the fact that I did shit and rewarded myself with magazines and diabetes.

5.00pm: Took the Prince Of All Mankind out for a walk. He likes to trot right up next to the walls so he can smell all the smells and pee on everything including himself. We walked past lots of other people and several dogs and Little Lord Calvin did not try to attack any of them, so we did very well indeed. We both enjoy this bonding time thoroughly. Especially the bit where he always poops directly in the middle of the same person's front step. There is 100% some beef going on there that I am unaware of.

7.00pm: Went home and chilled, had dinner and left my house voluntarily for the third time in one day which is ridinkydonkey but look I'm just really in touch with nature and quite indie nowadayz so if I wish to go experience the sunset whilst probably listening to JLS and/or the Biebz then that is what I will do. Also I think I actually went to try and make the park magic help me come up with an idea for the screen writing presentation I had to do on Thursday but it didn't work on account of I didn't really think about ideas I just thought about how I wanted the park to give me ideas which is apparently not how it works.

9.00pm: Chillin. Thrillin. Watching some Mulan, preppin' maself for the week ahead. To be fair this is what I do most nights but it just seems more well deserved when it isn't also what I had been doing all day. Unfortunately the rest and relaxation did not last as there was a moth attack shortly after midnight which prompted my retirement to bed, by which I mean my bathroom floor because that was the only place I could be sure it was sealed out. I welcome the onset of a long and thorough winter so that there may be no more incidents of this nature for a long while to come. Please, Hades, let the moth season end.

So that was last Sunday. A day I would like to recreate in the near future, but for now I'm going to go start this assignment that's due tomorrow and probably take some sort of medication so that I may be well enough to perhaps even film the rest of my video in the morning. If you can dream it you can do it. Just belieb. x0.

*We won by 81 points all gucci in the hucci suck it carlton