Project Adulthood

I'm moving out. Fo realz.

In what is being unanimously regarded by everybody I've told as the most hilarious social experiment in recent memory, I will soon be leaving the nest and embarking upon my journey into the murky depths of adulthood. I'm not useless, in that I'm generally capable of taking care of myself, travelling, writing essays, making really good sandwiches...all the important things, but in terms of very suddenly becoming my own adult supervision - considering I had chocolate milk and cheezels for breakfast this morning and slept on the bathroom floor the other night because there was a moth in my room - shit is going to get real. 
Real fascinating.

I've been staring at my half-completed Superfund form for like 6 weeks now because I do not know what 'sustainable future shares' means. There is a lightbulb in my room that's been out since 2011. On Thursday I broke the microwave making hotdogs. What are utilities? What is a european laundry and why is it different than normal laundries? Why do all the apartments I want to live in cost like $400+ a week? So many questions. So many struggles. This is going to be a humdinger of a transition.

I'm not going to die or starve or end up in a gutter because tbh I do have life skills, resources and common sense (also parents and friends and the parents of my friends), but considering I've already started to save for wifi and not rent and factored weekly Nando's into my budget, I think the entertainment value/cause for concern here is going to lie primarily in the order of my priorities and the conviction with which I commit to them. Also the fact that I can only cook like six things and am still iffy as to how one actually stacks bowls in the dishwasher, but we'll cross those bridges when we get to them.

Now the bulk of this jubilant car crash is still a couple of month away, but it's obviously something I have to plan around and prepare for, so it may be popping up in bits and pieces every now and then, and since I got the confirmation last week that it's 100% definitely happening I thought there'd be no time like the present to drop the bomb, ay lads.

Gonna go now and write some notes about polio for class.
Livin' the dream.