life 'n' such

Yoohoo chummies. I am having a lovely time watching Mulan (just reached the part where Shang's discovered she's a secret lady and is like oh man I know I should be hella pissed but I'm just super relieved I'm not actually gay for Ping) and waiting for my fro to dry, as I have no adventures planned until later tonight, so I thought I'd pop in and give yall the 411 on what's been goin down in my life since we last had a lil chat.
  • Went up to Canberra aka Thrill City for the Easter weekend.

  • Balled really hard. Did some puzzles. Some colouring. Some tree climbing and train building and also had a couple tea parties. And saw the Lego Movie. It was a pretty demanding schedule but sometimes you just gotta yolo a little hey.

  • Apparently rli obsessed with Jack Gleeson who plays Joffrey on Game of Thrones. I've watched a solid three hours of his interviews and talks in the last couple of days and I love him.  It's the Malfoy Effect.
  • I keep having dreams about puppies and I just went on an animal shelter website for like an hour and died on the inside and am slowly resigning myself to the fact that when I'm older imma probably have like fiddy dogs by accident
  • On the drive back from Thrill City mum went some random super rural route just to show me a bunch of cool rocks. To be fair they were cool rocks but still. 
  • I really want this hecka baller chair from Ikea for my apartment. I even already have a throw blanket that would go with it just smashingly. HOLD UP JUST FOUND OUT THERE'S A MATCHING FOOTSTOOL THINGS ARE BOUT TO GET REAL FANCY YET EXPENSIVE UP IN HERE slash there, I haven't moved out yet but we must think about the important things such as armchairs and their various accessories and adornments.
ballerballerballerballerballer buy me this chair.

  • I really love the song that plays in the credits of Mulan.
  • OMFG THE OTHER DAY. THE OTHER DAY. Only not the other day, probably a month ago but omfg okay. Okay. So I have been obsessed with this song called Hey Juliet by LMNT since I was about nine years old, and it's my #1 favourite song of all time except for possibly Shape of My Heart by the Backstreet Boys, but I've never been able to find the music video for it. Like straight up 12 years of searching and nothing, UNTIL THE OTHER DAY. WHEN I RANDOMLY DECIDED TO SEARCH AGAIN BECAUSE HEY WHY NOT AND I FOUND IT. I FOUND IT. AND I WEPT. I lost my frickin mind, no way around it. Judging by the times on my facebook post about it to Sara it took me over nine minutes to watch a 3 minutes video because I was freaking out so hard and I kept forgetting to breathe and blink and it was just a very big moment for me. Hands down one of the most defining moments in my recent years. I felt as though it symbolised my transition from childhood to adulthood and it was really beautiful and also they did a synchronised dance near the end and I need to learn that. 
  • Have been implementing some lifestyle changez, but more to come on those later
  • I finished The Office and now I feel empty inside.
  • I don't really like chocolate but now because of Easter I have a whole bunch of it and I think maybe we should change it so that for Easter people give you nuggets and maybe cash I dunno just a suggestion feel free to throw it right on back
  • The new 1D music video came out and tbh You & I isn't particularly a fav of mine and I didn't love the video but I will say that I came away from it with a strong belief that Zayn is definitely the most beautiful, and also in similar news I've decided he's officially my #1 bae again. Just can't quit dat. Although Liam did recently tweet some things that were so straight out of the book of the Madz0r that I had to think for a second about whether I had somehow managed to hack him and just forgotten.

  • I have decided after careful consideration that if any two people could help me most successfully navigate the turbulent seas of my current predicaments they would be Jim from The Office and the Emperor of China from Mulan. I believe this very strongly and I think about it often.
  • I can't find my Sims 2 and I'm about to lose my dang mind.

There are many more things that I have been rawther obsessed with lately but I'm saving those for a bit of an April roundup post some time next week, so we shall wander those plains and quarries in good time. For now I must skedaddle, so I hope I have given you enough to ponder.