Recommended Reading

Basically everything you ever wanted to know about how to arrange pillows and feature walls and rugs and tiles and oh man I am definitely in my 20s now.

Elevator pitches are a concept that was introduced to me in my screen writing class at uni and lately I've been trying to apply it to pretty much everything else in my life. Not only does it help you to explain yourself or your project to someone else but it also forces you to really refine what it is you're doing and get rid of anything that doesn't quite fit. This website/blog in general is one that I've discovered this month and become quite obsessed with.

Pretty basic but tbh I am just loving this website right now.

You can see the theme of the month emerging here in that I am continuing to try and sort out my entire life. I would recommend this because when it comes up with something that you already do you will get a smug sense of accomplishment.

Apparently I am still suffering withdrawal from the cancellation of Million Dollar Decorators.

Just a bunch of hella rich people's roof gardens and spas and recreational areas. My favourite is the one with the giant marble fireplace.

This is part of a series of spring cleaning videos, all of which I would recommend, but I chose to pop this one in specifically because I finally finished going through all of my clothes this month and I am very, very pleased about it.

We really do have quite a theme going on here don't we.

The most important video of our time. This was highly anticipated over here at Casa Di Faddi as she is essentially our patron saint. If you are wondering why this woman and her morning are so important to me you can find an entire post I wrote about her here.