The Backstreet Boys

For the most part we are all aware of the Backstreet Boys classics. From Shape of My Heart to The Call, even if you don't think you know them you do. But in between the majesty that was Black & Blue and the release of their movie this year there were four more albums that I personally consider to be very underrated. In honour of the aforementioned movie and the fact that I love them more than most people I actually know, I thought I would compile a list for you of Backstreet Boys songs that you might not know, but definitely should.
Helpless When She Smiles
This is one of my favourite BSB songs overall. The line "I'm a house of cards in a hurricane" speaks to me on a deep and obsessive level re: any time I like anyone, and the first time I heard it was live so it does hold a special place in my heart. I love it a lot. I love them a lot. I'm seeing them again in a month and I know I will love that a lot.

You Can Let Go
This song is great. Same story as the last one, heard it live for the first time and was immediately like yeah aiight this is mine now. I play this to myself when I need a little pep talk. Thank u Backstreet Boys.

Poster Girl
This one's from Never Gone, which I do still somewhat count as part of the old era as it was before Kevin left but while most people know Incomplete they aren't as familiar with the rest of the album so give it a holler. This is a good time for when u r feeling like a free spirit in the spring time.

Crawling Back To You
The Drowning of Never Gone but not happy. Good for crying real hard. Wut
(Also go and listen to Drowning. It's on The Hits: Chapter One)

The One
This is not technically from the lost yearz because it was on Millennium but I still feel like not enough people appreciate it so it's going in.

Something That I Already Know
This is from Unbreakable and reminds me of Nick Lachey's solo album from after he broke up with Jessica Simpson. This is a relatively new discovery for me and I was debating whether to put it in but then the key change happened.

Straight Through My Heart
I feel like I shouldn't like this song but I do. I do.

Love Will Keep You Up All Night
For ages I assumed this was an album track from one of the earlier CDs but nah. Tis once more from Unbreakable. This is really good for when you're feeling angsty in a way that's way past Ed Sheeran but not quite at Celine Dion.

Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)
I was always fond of this but after seeing the movie it now sets off a volcanic emotional trigger of Backstreet Boys love within me.

Trust Me
Olly Murs first album vibez.

Feels Like Home
When you've watched as many Backstreet Boys interviews and documentaries as I have you will understand why this is so heartwarming. God I love the Backstreet Boys. Have I mentioned that before. Because I think probably nah.

I am biased for obvious reasons. Still not entirely convinced this is real.

Bonus: This. Just watch it. It's from their first album which wasn't even released in America and it is the single greatest gift I believe the 90s to have bequeathed unto us.