Appy Hour Ha Ha Ha why are all my titles bad jokes right now

Today I thought I would share with you some handy little app recommendations. I've chosen the five that I use most on my phone and iPad, excluding the obvious ones like social meedz, iview, menulog etc.

If you want to learn a language but don't know where to start, this is the ticket my friend. There are nine languages on there so far for English speakers, and they're apparently working on adding more. It's free, and it builds up your skills over time so you don't even realise how much you're learning until you're a linguistic genius. L'anatra รจ nel burro. See? Learning.

If you want to write a song but are pianically challenged, cry no more. This is a really handy way to put together chord progressions. It lets you choose your key and starting chord and then suggests options to come after that, sorted by compatibility. Just know that if you go on to write a hit album using this you owe me a significant cut of the profits. We're a team now.

Keep tabs on your water intake. You get medals depending on how well you do and that is just 100% up my street because I have the mentality of a kindergartener. Everyone knows water is the key to being hot and successful so I guess you could say this is kind of the stairway to happiness. You're welcome.

Unf*** Your Habitat 
Based on the tumblr of the same name, this app is frickin' ace at keeping your life and environment in order. It has cleaning/organising challenges, "random unfucking motivation" and to do lists, amongst other gems. Sort your life out. Download the app. This is particularly good if you have anxiety or depression or anything else going on that can make basic things seem overwhelming, because it breaks everything down into smaller, more achievable tasks.

I talked about this one in my January Favourites video, it's basically a meditation app that gradually introduces you to the concept and takes you up level by level until you are zen as hell. I do this every day and I feel significantly more at one with the earth and sky.

This is so frickin handy. Whenever you feel stuck on something in your life it gets you to do a couple of activities answering questions, then uses those to 'diagnose your stuck' and tell you how to unstick yourself. I use this all the time to help me stop being a weenie about life. I also like to help my friends diagnose their stuck. We are diagnosing stuck left, right and centre.

Life Planner
This app is my absolute dream. Legitimately if I could imagine a day planner in any ideal format it would be this. It is a pie chart. A pie chart of your day. You can colour code it and adjust the times and lengths of the slices and oh my god you can literally see your entire day in pie chart form. If you are batshit nuts like me then you will LOVE THIS.

Like paper but on your iPad. A slightly more sophisticated version of paint, where everything you do somehow looks artistic.

Infinite Storm
Like rainymood but with more options and a timer and plenty of jazzy features.

Recipes and other cooking resources. I like the feature that lets you put in whatever ingredients you have around and comes up with recipes you can make with them. God bless the 21st century. Still probably gonna order pad thai tonight tho.

So there we go, those are my current favez in terms of mobile productivity. Feel free to holler at me if you've got any suggestions, my heart and mind are open. x0