January Jams

Since today's video on my main channel is my January Favourites I thought it would be pertinent to share with you the soundtrack against which I have been living my life for the past month.

About The Boy – Little Mix
This has been on pretty much every monthly playlist I’ve had since July last year. This song and Competition remind me very much of Berlin because they were quite literally the only ones I listened to while I was there.

Ain’t Got You – Pixie Lott
I love Pixie Lott a whole dang bunch and my favourite songs of hers are generally the ones that have more of what I would describe as a slightly motown feel. That’s probably not at all what it is but we’re going to roll with it. Guy Sebastian also makes excellent jamz of this particular genre and if I ever come out with an album you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be some solid motown/pop action going on there. My bedroom has seen many moving performances of this song over the month of January. Killin’ it.

Air Guitar – McBusted
If we’re being real the entire McBusted album is probably going to be on here at some point. I’m seeing them live this month and I am so excited I may lose my actual mind because I have been waiting to see McFly since I was frickin twelve. My love for this song was cemented when I heard the acapella version in this video and I think maybe cried a little bit. I love a solid acapella rendition. Sue me. I also felt really cultured because I knew who Jimmy Page and Brian May were. Pays to have an ex boyfriend who loves the Zeppz.

All Rise – Blue
A classic hit. Relationship dramas playing out in a courtroom as narrated by an early noughties boy band. Can’t get much better than that. I also think it would make a really excellent mash up with Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg ft. Dr Dre, so someone should get on that. FYI my fav of Blue is either Simon or Duncan.

Back In Time – McBusted
It’s just a solid jam, guys. Discovered my love of this whilst washing the dishes. Rock and roll. Love the classic Welcome To The Black Parade break down in the bridge over the line “and if I argued I’d punch myself out and I would take my place.” Lads.

Beautiful To Me – Olly Murs
Good old Olly. Love him at Casa Di Faddi, we do. The bridge of this song makes me so happy yall don’t even know. The immeasurable level of joy that I gain from the vaguely spoken line “why can’t you just seeeee THAT” is probably an indication of some kind of misbalance within my psyche but we’re gonna roll with it.

Before You Knew Me – McBusted
You know what else I love about McBusted? Their wives. Emma Willis, in particular. She was one of my favourites this month. She is so great.

Break Up Song – Pixie Lott
Got the motown vibes again hasn’t it. I do not, however, endorse the message of this wonderful song on account of after you break up with someone you need to GTF as far away from them as possible but the sentiment is chill. I would like to point out that I started listening to this almost a full year after my own break up and would suggest that you also allow a considerable period of time to pass before opening the potential floodgates, but live your own life I can’t tell you what to do. Side note, the fact that she’s put her actual boyfriend in the video for this makes me uncomfortable one the same level as five-piece boyband One Direction naming their album Four. Dios mio.

Break Your Heart Right Back – Ariana Grande ft. Childish Gambino
Girlfriend needs to learn to annunciate but tbh I’m mainly in this for the chorus. I’m a sucker for the ol’ percussive guitar and click combo. Also love Donald Glover very much. Don’t eat the crab dip! Yey yeyeeee.

But It’s Better If You Do – Panic! At The Disco
Happy 2006. Whenever I listen to this I feel like I’m at Alessia’s house planning which guys we’re going to invite to her 14th birthday party. Spoiler alert: it was all of them.

Champion – Pixie Lott
The instrumentation of this reminds me a bit of the scene in the movie CAMP when they’re singing Century Plant and the grumpy old alcoholic composer comes in and busts out some sick piano solo. Also reminds me of the Biggest Loser and possibly Rocky. Also the bit that starts at approximately 1.53 – yes. That is what I want in every song. Again, if I ever release an album there will be a gospel choir present.

Competition – Little Mix
Any song containing the line “You think I’m wrong, and I know I’m right. You lose.” is a winner in my books.

Dial Tones – As It is
I love this song on the level that I’m so ridiculously proud of Patty and the rest of the band for actually achieving everything they have so far, as well as the level that it’s a sick song in general. “I’ll mend your heart and break it in the same breath” tru. A goodun for yell-singing in one’s bedroom.

Did You Miss Me? – Olly Murs
As if I wasn’t going to love this song.

Get Over It – McBusted
Refer to previous comment. I was down, down, down, down, down. Now I’m up and I’m over it. xo

Getting It Out – McBusted
This is on here because I like listening to it really loudly through my headphones when I’m running errands. Ups the levels of sass and defiance.

Gone – McBusted
I love the chorus. Lovely little morale booster. The line “now I’m through being used” is particularly splendid when juxtaposed against “yes I let you use me from the day we met, but I’m not done yet” from Fool’s Gold by 1D (present on my November playlist) and acts as a simple means of ascertaining my shift in mentality over the past few months. However the fact that I do still identify with both on some level may also be an indication of the fact that my 20s are probably going to be just as much of a mess as my teens. Onward.

Good Enough – Little Mix
Full disclosure this is mainly on here because I really like how I sound when I sing along with the chorus. Can’t h8, when it works it works. Won’t apologise that it’s in my key. Also I watched videos of them singing this live on youtube and there are some where they cry and guys, learn from my mistakes. Don’t do that do yourself.

In Case You Didn’t Know – Olly Murs
An oldie but a goodie. There’s just something magical about delivering the line “I feel a sharp knife stabbing me straight through the heart” in an up-beat, beachy manner.

Long Way Home – 5SOS
I was really proud of myself for having a month without any 1D or 5SOS but then this came on my shuffle and everything fell to pieces. The drop when the chorus starts fills my heart with joy and the whole things reminds me of Cheaper By The Dozen. Don’t fight it.

Me (Boom. Shalak. Lak. Boom.) – LFO (Lyte Funky Ones)
The single greatest discovery I have ever made, from the gods who brought us Summergirls, Westside Story and Girl On TV. This is my undisputed theme song and you will understand why within the first five seconds.

Me and My Broken Heart – Rixton
My love for Rixton kicked off in December and is very, very real. I saw them in the sidebar on Spotify and was like oh look it’s that guy that’s going out with Our Lord And Saviour Jesy from Little Mix and then I played the song and was like thank you Jesy. Thank you. Pumped for their album.

Move – Little Mix
Don’t be a big baby. Quit playing games.

Nasty – Pixie Lott

No Ceiling – Cody Simpson
This wasn’t on my playlist but it kept coming on my shuffle when I was out and tbh it’s very summery and reminds me of my #1 bae Georgie Porgie Long so I embraced it.

Piano – Ariana Grande
All I can really say about this is that I accidentally pressed play on it when I was waking up this morning and shot out of bed so fast y’all don’t even know because I needed to be ready to jam.

Salute – Little Mix
If I could force teenage girls to listen to one song this would be it. Makes me want to stomp around in a really good outfit destroying everything in my path in order to build my empire whilst rocking really solid eye makeup and probably a ponytail. Because you know shit gettin’ done when the ponytail comes out.

Sensitive Guy – McBusted
This song. Is one of my favourite things. That has ever happened. The first time I heard it the end of the second verse made me laugh so hard I cried a little bit. A modern day masterpiece.

Stupid Boy – Keith Urban
My friend said this reminded him of me and I was like tbh you’re right so then I had to play Swagger Jagger to save my rep.

The Only Difference Between etc etceetcetecetc – Panic! At The Disco
I do indeed swear to shake it up you swear to listen. Now I’m going to go back to finding new fluro coloured statement pictures to put on my myspace profile.

This One’s For The Girls – Olly Murs
Took me approximately one bar of listening to know I was down with this. Fits very neatly into my pattern of favoured instrumentation. A solid summer jam. And also I am a girl so like thanks, yeah, I am great.

Ugly Heart – G.R.L.
Considering I’ve been referring to guys as ‘pretty’ since before the dawn of time I feel a special connection to this song. I’m also a big fan of the delivery of the line “I’m leaving you far behind”. Best believe I’m supporting my diaphragm and belting out those notes like Xtina. Every single time. I am a joy to live with.

Vacation – G.R.L.
If I’ve ever forgotten to do my vocal exercises I find the high notes at the end of the chorus provide a splendid substitute. Furthermore I, too, like to sit at home and watch TV so this speaks to me on a very personal level.

Wait On Me – Rixton
Holler holler holler. “I’ll go the distance but not all of the way.” That’s right, boys. Save your flower for someone special.

Why Do I Love You – Olly Murs
That is the eternal question, my lad. Tale as old as time, true as it can be.

You can watch my January Favourites video here.