I think by this point we're all probably familiar with the fact that I get restless very easily. I get anxious when I'm obligated to stay in one place for too long - whether it's at a desk, in a specific section at work or even in one city - and my level of discontentment is more often than not directly proportional to the amount of time I've spent at home without traveling. Similarly, sometimes I wake up and feel like I'm going to be on edge until I've redone my entire room. Recently, as I'm sure you've realised from my life detox posts and general authorial focus, I've been thoroughly in the midst of an intense bout of regeneration, and while I'm steadily working my way through sorting out all my clothes and clutter I also knew I needed a quick fix. Just so I didn't - how do u say - snap. :)

Enter the bedding overhaul. I trekked over to David Jones and picked up all new urrthang, and as soon as I got home and switched it all out I felt infinitely calmer. There's just something about new bedding that sets a fresh tone for the rest of your life, and a month on I am still obsessed with it. I spend more time in my room than I did before, and its majesty provides me with a standard against which to hold the rest of my room slash productivity slash life. Long story short, getting good bedding can change yo life.

I am nek level obsessed with these european pillows. First of all, holler at me for that texture. Literally sitting here stroking one admiringly as I type which is really slowing down the process but is rewarding nonetheless. Secondly, they add another height dimension to my bed area which compensates nicely for the fact that I don't have a headboard. I feel like they tie everything together and make it look more thought out and deliberate than it would if I just had the other two sets of pillows. Plus they coordinate spiffingly with the stripey cushion. They also make me feel like a proper adult for not only knowing what european pillows are but owning them, and provide a suitable perch for my bear children. Basically I'm just all about the european pillows nowadays and would highly recommend you join me over here in the fast lane.

Private Collection Manhattan (White) Quilt Cover Set / Sheridan European Pillow Cases, can't find the exact style online but they're similar to the 'Fairley' (also Sheridan Ultralux European pillows inside those but I feel like you can get whatever brand tbh) / Sheridan Bahir Square Cushion / Some burgundy sheet set from like KMart / IKEA Ursula Throw
Russell and Arthur, Build-A-Bear, Covent Garden. Not for sale.

Almost every friend I've had over has noted that it gives off a 'hotel vibe' - rest assured that amongst our set this is a compliment of the highest order* - and I am extremely pleased because that's what I'm getting too and I love it ever so much. Specifically, it reminds me of the Hilton at Fiumicino Airport in Rome and if y'all were with me in July you will know that bed was maybe in my top 5 surfaces ever. A hotel vibe to me is very relaxing, because when you're at a hotel everything is crisp and clean and efficient you don't have to do anything other than relax and order caesar salad to be brought directly to you by an attractive italian man. The hotel vibe does run the risk of becoming sterile and unwelcoming but I feel I've combatted that successfully with my various throws and also the presence of the bear children. Speaking of whom, does Arthur's robe not tie in with the theme smashingly? Bless us all.

Since this is a very bed-centric post I thought I would chuck in a few of my bedtime faves for good measure. The candle is Cocoa Vanilla & Cassia by The Aromatherapy Co., and while it isn't specifically designed to be a sleep-related scent I find it has what I would refer to as a warm milk aura, where it's just subtly spicy and comforting and makes you want to smother yourself in blankets and pass out hard. The Lavender Vanilla pillow mist is from Bath and Body Works and I tend to use it when I'm having trouble getting to sleep (stating the obvz but what I mean is I tend to save it so it doesn't lose its effect). Similarly, the Body Shop Deep Sleep bath float is excellent for when I'm tired but a bit stressed and in need of assistance to knock myself out efficiently.

 Finally, the book is one that I picked up at Crabtree & Evelyn a while ago and I'm slowly working my way through, using it when I need a quick fix of inspiration to get my life together. I would recommend it if you're the kind of person who sees a cheesy quote and takes away a concrete way to improve your own life; a Vision Board kind of person, if you will. I'm sure I'll do a proper post on it some time in the future, but for now I am going to go to sleep. x0

*Please imagine me saying 'amongst our set' with the general essence of The Dowager Countess