Donut Disturb Ha ha ha

Heavens to Betsy I am feeling rough today. In the words of Augustus Caesar, "this flu has kicked the crap out of me." But I have faith in myself and the various conflicting deities that take interest in my life (Thor, Ra, probably Hades if we're being real) that we shall persevere and be all gucci once more very soon. I am feeling uncharacteristically anti-social media today. Like I woke up just really feeling quite resentful towards twitter, like when you have a dream about someone being mean to you and then you wake up and you're mad at them in real life. I don't remember twitter being mean to me in my dreams though so I've come to the conclusion that my weariness from being sick has done the equivalent of ageing me several decades and turned me into a very cranky old man in a flat cap glaring at youths and muttering about new-fangled technology taking over our lives. I realise the irony of writing this in a blog post.

I mentioned in my last post that I've been thinking a lot about writing a book lately. This is hardly a newsflash because tbph like anyone else who is literarily inclined I've been writing books since the only subject matter I could really grasp was either dog or pony related, but there's a different feeling around it when you set out with the intention of actually finishing something and having it go somewhere. My perfectionist streak has come roaring out and is making it very difficult for me to decide on a plot, because when I read books I have no problem with it being a very generic plot as long as it's well written but apparently anything I write has to be completely unchartered territory. Grow up, Madeleine. I don't even want it to be particularly groundbreaking, like I'm very much aiming for the kind of book I would read, not something that's going to be eye-openingly brilliant. I think creative people generally tend to be quite self critical anyway, so it's just a matter of getting over it and actually doing the thing rather than sitting around planning it and never starting. We shall see how that goes. At least I've got a relatively clear idea of what I want to do for my non-fiction one.

At present I'm getting posts sorted out for the rest of this week while I wait for Fiona to get home with food, and then I'm going to plan tomorrow's video. I'm still so drained from being sick that I'm not entirely sure how well filming is going to go, but I'm not game for missing another week so the show must go on. I hope you have had a marvellous Sunday, despite the fact that my brain keeps thinking it's Monday, and have got all yo shiz in order for the week ahead. x0