my 21st lunch

I didn't particularly feel like doing anything big for my 21st so on Saturday I had a lunch with a few of my friends who were actually in Melbourne and not running around Portsea/Lorne/India.

I genuinely can not remember the last time anyone in our group had a party/gathering/event where there were not chicken sandwiches. Chicken sandwiches are the official food of our group. And basically of Melbourne in general. Chicken sandwiches.

I also made a bangin Italian flag cracker selection which was my personal fav because of avocado, and also a pesto pasta salad and some fruit. There was also pimms but that was bein drank and not photographed.

I spent most of yesterday assembling furniture and trying to get my room done. So close. And now I have to get ready to leave work and go to Ruby's birthday lunch, so I shall love thee and leave thee.


HB to me.