En Route

Been a bit MIA haven't I. Our friends Evan and Dodie are over from the UK, so Fiona and I have been out and about showcasing the various splendours of Melbourne. At present it is almost midnight, there's a hekkerz thunderstorm afoot and we're about half way through our drive home from the Great Ocean Road. We made it to the Twelve Apostles just as the sun was setting and got some pretty baller photos before it started pouring with rain - a satisfactory result. Now drenched, with my fro out and a fresh stomach full of emergency McDonald's, I thought this would be a good time to check in.

Making: Gradual progress on our way home
Cooking: Nothing because we're in a car
Drinking: Diet coke from the Colac Maccas
Reading: The map to get us home
Wanting: To get home, have a shower and get in my pajamas
Looking: Very. Very. Rough. We've been driving/running around/beaching/being rained on for 13 hours at this point and I think I have reached my aesthetic limits.
Playing: Fall Out Boy on Evan's phone so he doesn't fall asleep
Wasting: The battery on my phone typing this blog post but it's super worth it ily
Wishing: We were approximately 130km further along in our journey
Enjoying: The general raininess of this evening
Waiting: For the conversation to get bitchy again because that is my fav
Watching: The few metres of road we can actually see
Liking: Our #Faddovan tweets from today
WonderingHow badly I'm going to need to pee by the time we get home
Loving: The pants I am currently wearing which I bought last week
Hoping: My battery lasts the rest of this drive and my bladder doesn't explode
Marvelling: At the photos we took today which I will no doubt share wit yall asap 
Needing: Sleep
Smelling: Rain. Lots of it. And the soap I washed my hands with at maccas which reminds me of being on a plane.
Wearing: My new pants, the stripey jumper I always do and the shoes you can see above which are now a bit dirtier
Following: The same road for about 40 minutes now 
Noticing: That I've been frowning while typing this and now my face hurts 
Knowing: Approximately zero of the words to any of these new FOB songs
Thinking: About showers and my bed 
Feeling: Tired but hapz.